March 22, 2023

Who is Shayanna Jenkins? Aaron Hernandez Ex-Fiancee; Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband (Dino Guilmette), Children, Instagram

Shayanna Jenkins Bio, Wiki

Shayanna Jenkins was the fiancee of NFL star Aaron Hernandez, and the mother of his child. Aaron wrote a suicide note to Shayanna, calling her his soulmate. Hernandez was an American football tight end in the National Football League and convicted murderer.

Hernandez was sitting in prison, at the time he hanged himself in his cell, for the murder of Odin Lloyd, who was dating Shaneah Jenkins, the sister of Shayanna.

Shayanna Jenkins & Aaron Hernandez

Hernandez began dating Shayanna Jenkins in 2007. They had been friends since they were in elementary school and were high school sweethearts. Their daughter was born in 2012 and they became engaged in the same month. Also that month, Hernandez purchased a $1.3 million, 8,130 square foot (755 m2) four-story home with an in-ground pool in North Attleborough, Massachusetts where the family lived together.

Judging from the recent Instagram post, Shayanna never her lost affection for the NFL star, “Life has knocked me down, it showed me things I never wanted to see, I experienced sadness and failures. But I always get up.” Although she never got to live her dream of marrying Aaron, her childhood sweetheart (a judge approved her request to change her last name in 2015 to match her daughter’s.)

Jenkins Hernandez is the mother of Avielle Jenkins-Hernandez, Aaron’s daughter. The tragic downfall of Hernandez – who went from football phenom to convicted murderer – is featured in a new Netflix series called Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez. It argues that Hernandez was leading a secret gay lifestyle that may have contributed to his turmoil.

Shayanna has spoken out about the news that emerged that Hernandez had sexual relationships with men.

The Daily Mail wrote that Jenkins wrote a forward in a book called “Unnecessary Roughness,” by Jose Baez. “There has been much speculation about Aaron’s sexuality since his death. I can say this: Aaron was very much a man to me,” Jenkins wrote in the forward.

“I saw no indication that he was gay or homosexual. I wish I had known how he felt, just so we could have talked about it. I wouldn’t have disowned him. I would have been supportive. I can’t fault him if he was feeling that way.”

Shayanna Jenkins Lawsuit

According to ENews, Shayanna launched a lawsuit on behalf of Avielle against the NFL. After his death, he was diagnosed with severe CTE. The $20 million lawsuit alleged the league was “fully aware of the damage that could be inflicted from repetitive impact injuries and failed to disclose, treat or protect him from the dangers of such damage,” according to Enews.

“Aaron Hernandez succumbed to the symptoms of CTE,” the suit continued. “As a result of the defendants’ conduct and the injury experienced by Aaron, Avielle Hernandez was deprived of the love, affect, society and companionship of her father while he was alive.” The suit was thrown out by a judge based on her determination that Hernandez was basically retired at the time. Hernandez left an estate worth almost nothing in the end.

Shayanna Jenkins Fiance (Dino Guilmette)

A year after Aaron’s suicide, Shayanna had another baby with a different man. According to RadarOnline, in 2018, she and fiancee Dino Guilmette welcomed a girl.

“I’m going to have my hands full, but I’m happy about it,” he told RadarOnline. “I’m excited. It’s my daughter. She will have two sisters. I have another daughter from a previous relationship and then there’s Shayanna’s daughter with Aaron. It’s very exciting.”