March 22, 2023

Who is Erin Hinch? AJ Hinch’s Wife; Bio, Wiki, Age, Children, Education, Career, Astros, Net Worth

Erin Hinch Bio, Wiki

Erin Hinch is the wife of AJ Hinch, an American professional baseball coach and former player who was most recently the manager of the Houston Astros of Major League Baseball (MLB) from 2015 to 2019, winning the World Series in 2017.

Erin Hinch Children

Erin Hinch is the mother of their two daughters, Haley and Kaitlin. The Houston news network Click 2 Houston sat down with them in February of 2016. In fact, let’s watch it.

According to AJ, Erin reminds him of the difference between his kids and his players. She tells him their 13 and 11 year-olds need a father and not a coach. Coaches become single-minded, and that’s why a good wife is a necessity.

Erin Hinch & AJ Hinch

Erin and Aj Hinch were married in 1999. According to AJ’s Wiki, he played for the Oakland Athletics at the time. They traded him in 2000, and thus their relationship needed to transplant itself to Kansas City. Only in 2014 did the entire family started residing in Houston.

Their story began on a blind date. He was a player with big league dreams. She was not a sports fan.

Speaking to Sports Mag, Hinch spoke of being a dad and how he and his wife Erin created their own traditions and made their girls a real part of their father’s career.

“I’ve had to go through first dates, the prom, the college decision. She’s a driver now. I kind of wish I was that 34-year-old manager again. They used to wear a little tank top that said ‘I love the manager.’ 

They were so little and now they’re great young ladies. My wife Erin and I have included them in everything we do. And that meant missing a lot of school in 2017 and 2018 when we made the playoffs, all the way to the ALCS to the World Series. We just want them to be a part of it, we’re building life experiences with them. “

On January 13, 2020, Hinch was suspended by MLB for one year after an investigation into sign stealing by the Astros and was fired by the team.