March 22, 2023

Alexandra Vino Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Parents, Sister, Boyfriend, Harvey Weinstein, Instagram

Alexandra Vino Bio, Wiki

Alexandra Vino was born in 1989 in New York City, US. She is an Actress and portrayed Bombshell Secretary in the Agent Carter episode The Atomic Job. According to her Instagram, she describes herself as a Lifetime Member of The Actors Studio. Student of all things… Variety thrill-seeker, artist, creator.

Alexandra Vino & Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein, a disgraced movie mogul who as of October 31st 2019 has had over 80 women making sexual assault allegations against him. The allegations sparked the #MeToo social media campaign and many similar sexual abuse allegations against and dismissals of powerful men around the world, now called the “Weinstein effect”.

Weinstein and Vino are in the limelight after Vino was pictured sitting on Weinstein lap several times as she gave him adoring looks as she serenaded the crowd. She was seen dancing seductively for the accused sex creep throughout the Thursday, Nov. 7th soiree at Cipriani’s exclusive upstairs lounge Socialista on West Broadway as per PageSix.

On Friday, Nov 8th, Vino and Weinstein denied being romantically involved, with Vino telling The Post she met him just three months ago and they were only friends. Weinstein also denied they were together — and even insisted that she was even not on his lap the night before but was only sitting on the arm of his chair.

As for Vino — who sources said met the fallen producer through Rose — a source close to Weinstein told The Post that the two dated for several weeks in 2018, ­despite their denials that they were ever an item.

Alexandra Vino Parents, Sister

Vino’s parents were High-School sweethearts and started from the bottom to bring up their two daughters. Her mother worked from home and the father was building a design company in the City.

Alexandra Vino Early Life

In her early teens, Vino while being trained by her mother joined the Gymnastics team and started Competitive Cheerleading.

Later, she was voted Captain of the team just a few years in and ultimately being three-time World Champions in the Elite Division. Then, after she broked her hand she left the team and joined high-end clothing Boutique.

Vino joined Method Acting Class and landed her first role as a Cheerleader in a Pontiac Commercial. At the age of 19, she flew to Mumbai and Thailand for the shooting.

Alexandra Vino Career

As per her IMDB profile, her recent project was Wonderland where she portrayed real-life organized crime victim Gloria Wisnewski, opposite Mark Wahlberg. She has also acted in the Berg’s action thriller Mile 22 as Octavia opposite Wahlberg.

Vino began her career in the Movie industry when she was cast as an American dancer opposite Shahid Kapoor and Anushka Sharma in director Parmeet Sethi’s Bollywood crime comedy, Badmaa$h Company. Alexandra worked with Steve McQueen in his film “Shame” in (2012). You can see her in the foreign version.

Alexandra Vino Boyfriend

A look at her website reveals that she was once in a relationship with John Doe. She says, “I had been in a relationship with a perfect gentleman whom I met in Montauk at my acting coaches house. Nobody ever treated me so well, and with such respect. I think it was payback for the horrid boyfriend I had growing up. He just so happened to be a pretty powerful writer and producer.”

“We laugh like two children. I never asked him for a thing. As usual, I’m good enough to do it on my mentality was constantly present. He was a witness to how dedicated and passionate I was. He saw my hard work, my struggles, and my successes. He truly believed in me, and one day, he offered to submit my reel to various agents.”

Alexandra Vino Height, Weight

She stands 5 feet 4 inch tall and weighs around 63 KG or 141 Pounds.

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