March 24, 2023

Alexis Skyy Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents, Daughter, Ethnicity, Net worth, Fetty Wap, Boyfriend, Cucumber Challenge, Instagram

Alexis Skyy Biography

Alexis Skyy (birth name; Anastasia Mcfarland) is an American reality television personality best known for her appearance on Vh1’s tv show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood and Love & Hip Hop: New York. She is also the mother of Fetty wap’s daughter.

Skyy is also an entrepreneur she has a fashion line known as Curves by Skyy. She previously owned a spa known as Bella Sky Spa in Atlanta Georgia which she opened in June 2016. The spa used to offer services including make-up, skin enhancement, massages, and facials. It has since been closed.

Alexis is also a former stripper. After the birth of her daughter, she was seen twerking in a strip club barely two months after giving birth. People on social media expressed their hate for her actions which lead to her defending herself saying she was doing it to provide for her daughter and claimed she was not neglecting her since she made time to see her every day.

Alexis Skyy Age

Skyy is 25 years old; she was born on July 14, 1994 in Long Island City, New York City.

Alexis Skyy Ethnicity

Alexis is of Jamaican descent.

Alexis Skyy Parents

Alexis was raised by her mother and grandmother alongside her brothers. She met her father when she was 18 years old.

Alexis Skyy Siblings

Alexis has several siblings born out of her father’s relationship with different women. They include; Eliza “ZaZa” Zaviera, Amani, Khari, Lauren and Zy.

Alexis Skyy Net worth

Skyy has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Alexis Skyy and Fetty Wap

Skyy was in a relationship with rapper Fetty Wap for two years until they split in 2016. They have since had an on and off relationship since their split. They welcomed their daughter in January 2018.

Skyy later revealed that Fetty Wap cheated on her with her his former flame Masika Kalysha during her 21st birthday. She has since covered up Fetty’s tattoo which was his real name Willie which was accompanied by a heart.

Alexis Skyy and Fetty Wap Baby – Alexis Skyy Daughter

Alexis gave birth to her daughter with Fetty Wap known as Alaiya on January 4, 2018, three months before her due date. The premature birth led to speculations that Alexis did not know who the father of her baby is despite claiming that Fetty Wap is Alaiya’s biological father.


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Alexis Skyy Daughter Health

In November 2018 Alexis revealed that her daughter was born with hydrocephalus and had to have a shunt implanted in her brain to drain the fluid and blood in her brain. In January 2019 she underwent brain surgery to correct a malfunction of the implanted shunt.

Alexis Skyy Sex Tape

Alexis and Fetty Wap made a sex tape which was leaked in January 2017. They both accused each other of the leaking it. Fetty’s ex-girlfriend, Malika once said that Alexis wanted desperately to be like Kim Kardashian, she could have been talking about the sex tape which propelled Kim to fame, and it did the same for Alexis.

Alexis Skyy and Solo Lucci

Skyy was once in a relationship with Solo Lucci and at one time claimed that Skyy didn’t know who her baby daddy was. Skyy was forced to take a paternity test to prove that Fetty was her real baby daddy. After being shown the results Lucci Lucci apologized and agreed to squash the rumor.

“I apologize, I’m glad that we can get this closure. Like I just feel like the sh*t got way out of hand. I feel like me and you were better than that… Like f*ck a relationship, forget a relationship, like that’s cool, that was short-lived. Me and you was better than that, period. On a personal level, like we rock, girl.”

Alexis Skyy Boyfriend

Alexis is in a relationship with Trouble who is an up and coming Atlanta rapper.


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Boosie Cucumber Challenge

On August 5, 2019 Alexis was attending her new boyfriend’s, rapper Trouble cucumber-themed pool party in Atlanta. During the party rapper Boosie Badazz filmed and posted a video on his Instagram in which Alexis penetrated a girl at the party with a cucumber, and then thrust the vegetable into her mouth. Alexis was wearing a bathing suit, and the girl in the video are both willing participants in the Cucumber Challenge, are cheered on by the crowd, and then dubbed the night’s competition winners.

Boosie had captioned the since deleted video; “FRONT ROW SEATS TO THE BEST FIGHT [email protected] U the truth ???best party ever I WAS A JUDGE AT THIS THUG LIFE EVENT ?‍⚖️ ‼️”

Alexis Skyy Instagram


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