March 24, 2023

Angela Amezcua Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents, Boyfriend, Instagram, Clay Harbor, Bachelor in Paradise 2019

Angela Amezcua Bio, Wiki

Angela Amezcua is a model renown for appearing on Nick Viall’s season 21 of The Bachelor but was eliminated on night one. She has since appeared on season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise and spent a lot of her time with Eric Bigger, but he left the show, as he could not commit and is on Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise.

Angela Amezcua Age

She was born on November 20th, 1989 making her 29 years old as of 2019.

Angela Amezcua Parents

Angela Amezcua was born in Greenville, South Carolina, the US. In several appearances, she has mentioned that she absolutely loves her mother and would not be able to live without her. She frequently posts photos of her mother, niece, and nephew on her Instagram account.

Angela Amezcua on Bachelor in Paradise 2019 (Includes Spoilers with her Ex- CLay Harbor)

Clay Harbor has been hitting it off with Nicole Lopez-Alvar on Bachelor in Paradise 2019, but, at the start of the season, his relationship with ex-girlfriend Angela Amezcua was put on blast by a fellow cast member, Annaliese Puccini.

Amezcua shows in BIP on the episode with Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone’s wedding. This puts Harbor on edge because he was taking Lopez-Alvar as his date.

Lopez-Alvar said she was there to support her new man, who was nervous about seeing his ex since it’s the first time he’s seen her since their breakup. Harbor and Amezcua were first reported dating in September 2018, according to Women’s Health, and the two were set up together by Chris Randone.

Pop Sugar reported that Harbor and Amezcua broke up after seven months of dating, in March 2019.

According to Reality Steve, Harbor and Amezcua make it to the end and go on an overnight date together. However, they do not leave Paradise engaged or even as a couple. Reality Steve stated that “On ‘Decision Day,’ Nicole breaks up with Clay because he won’t tell her he’s in love with her/won’t propose. So they leave broken up.”

Harbor admitted a few things about his relationship with Amezcua over the course of the season to Lopez-Alvar, revealing, “In my whole relationship, I never said I love you. I never said it, no. I care about her a lot and stuff. But I mean, to me, that is a really strong word. If I love you, you’re my wife … Sometimes it’s hard, but I think it’s better than staying in something you don’t think is going to work in the long run. I am 100 percent over it.” But, once Amezcua appears in Paradise, Harbor does admit to Lopez-Alvar that he still cares about his ex.

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