March 22, 2023

Who is Tawasa Harris? Cam’ron’s Girlfriend Dies; Bio, Wiki, Age, Child, Instagram, Cause of Death

Tawasa Harris Bio, Wiki

Tawasa Harris renown for being Cam’ron’s girlfriend and mother to their child, Camron Giles Jr. Harris’ is reported to have died as per a Thursday 21st November Instagram post from a close friend.

Tawasa Harris & Cam’ron

Tawasa Harris and Cam’ron have been dating for a while after meeting in the 7th grade. There love life has not however been smooth sail as Cam’ron once dated Juju an Actress for a period of ten years in an on and off relationship. Following their split in 2017,  Cam’ron embarked on dating her childhood love and mother to her child, Tawasa Harris.

In June 2018, Cam’ron paid tribute to Harris with a touching message on Instagram. Cam’ron wrote that he first met Harris while the pair were in the 7th grade. Cam’ron said that when Harris got to high school “noticed a big change her.” Cam’ron wrote that Harris improved her grades and then went on to St. John’s University. From there, Harris attained a Master’s from Delaware State University and another Master’s from St. John’s University.

Cam’ron further explained that the couple broke up when he was 26 because of his “my cheating, lying and trying to peruse a music career that she wanted nothing to do with. She wanted me to go to school and we live a family life.” The rapper then credited Harris with ensuring that their son has “five full academic scholarships.”

Back in 2017 after his break actress Juju, Cam’ron told “The Breakfast Club” that he was dating the mother of his son. Cam’ron was quoted, via Bossip, of saying of the breakup, “Yeah but you know basically it was kinda mutual. For me it just wasn’t fun anymore, I met JuJu in 2002, she was my friend before we started being serious. That was my homegirl and everything was fun. Once Instagram came out, I”m the one promoting her on Instagram, marketing her, showing her body, showing how beautiful she is without being too distasteful about it—[but] basically, it stopped being fun.”

Cam’ron often shared the moments he spent with Harris, In January 2019, he posted a video to his Instagram page showing him in London, England, with Harris in 2004.

Tawasa Harris Death & Cause

Tawasa Harris’ is reported to have died as per a Thursday 21st, November 2019 Instagram post from a close friend.

In it, Harris’ friend wrote, “I can’t believe I’m saying this my friend my sister my Old head my baby is Not….. I love u more then words!!! I learned so much from u!! GOD brought us back together because he knew how much we loved each other!! ”

Tawasa Harris Instagram

On her Instagram bio, Harris described herself as the “Female version of a hustler” and “FASHION’KILLA.” Harris also posted a link to this video, showing her and Cam’ron cooking: