March 20, 2023

Who is Carl Azuz CNN 10’s Wife? Kenzie Ann; Wiki, Age, Children, Work & Salary

Carl Azuz is a New Anchor for CNN 10, a 10-minute digital news show that explains global news to a global audience. Azuz, who for 15 years has anchored, written, and produced a 10-minute news broadcast aimed toward teens, seems to have been replaced. Educators around the world, both in classrooms and homeschoolers, are in an uproar by the latest stunt by the new owners of CNN.

The new season of CNN 10 was supposed to return in August 2020, but with no explanation, it didn’t. On Monday, September 12,   it came back, only NO CARL! Instead of a seasoned journalist, a former sports broadcaster, Coy Wire, is hosting the show.

Teachers everywhere are posting about their students’ VERY NEGATIVE reactions. He’s been dubbed the “Mr. Rogers” for this generation of students, and one just.

Carl Azuz Education

According to his biography on CNN, Azuz earned his bachelor’s degree in telecommunications arts production from the University of Georgia.

Besides her segment on CNN 10, he also served in roles ranging from package producer, reporter, and writer for the program, Azuz has covered every topic from the war in Iraq to the world’s most expensive ice cream sundae. He has also interviewed students for CNN’s “Fix Our Schools” series and explored the impact of technology on teenagers.

Carl Azuz Wife & Children

Carl Azuz is married to a lady named Kenzie Ann, who does online homeschool. She also helps her husband by visiting classrooms to speak to students, which has made Carl a fan to many. Carl Azuz at one time wrote about her on Twitter, and numerous articles have quoted her as his wife. The couple has one child.

Besides the child with his wife, Carl Azuz became the dad of “Jessica Azus, “ formerly “Jessica kharleson,” after a DNA test in 2019.  The daughter, upon learning of the news, changed her surname to Azuz from Kharleson. Speaking of the news, Jessica wrote,  “I just feel happy and persuaded to live from this fact.” Carl Azuz, learning of this fact, took out his daughter and connected with her family “Our family feels more pleasant, and its thanks to Carl,” says Jessica’s mother, Joanna Kharleson.