March 20, 2023

Carol Lee NBC Journalist Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband (Ryan Harmon), Sons & Salary

Carol Lee is an NBC news reporter who previously worked as the White House correspondent for The Wall Street Journal. While at the Journal, she covered topics including politics, foreign affairs and domestic policy issues. She also worked as president of the White House Correspondents’ Association after serving on its board since 2010.

Besides working as a reporter for NBC, she often appears on other media stations such as CNN, MSNBC, and NPR as a commentator with insight on the White House. She has been covering since October 2008. Carol writes on her Linkedin that she joined the Journal and started working as the White House Correspondent for the station in 2011. She also worked at Politico in the same capacity during former President Obama’s transition in Chicago.


According to her Linkedin, she is a New York University of Journalism graduate.

Carol Lee Husband, Ryan Harmon

Carol Lee is married to Ryan Harmon, who previously was a serviceman (worked in the US Army). Harmon writes on his Linkedin that he worked in the army for almost 21 years, where he held several roles since joining in April 1997. He retired from the army in Jun 2021, where he was working as a Logistics and Materiel Readiness Officer.  He currently works at Claxton Logistics Services as a Sustainment Analyst from Oct 2021.

Ryan and Carol celebrated their wedding in June 2019, and we wanted to grow our family. She has two sons, Hudson, born in 2012 and Monty, born months after their wedding. They learned of the pregnancy with their secondborn a couple of months before their wedding. After returning from their honeymoon, they learned during a routine ultrasound that they’d lost the baby when the doctor could no longer find a heartbeat.

Carol has narrated how she experienced an ordeal after her second-born child, Monty, was born while not breathing, although a purse was present. The doctors told her that Monty had a rare congenital heart defect, and breathing became an overly conscious act through the most trying moments of my life. She narrated her harrowing experience to Today, which can be read here.