March 24, 2023
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Chris Liang Missing San Francisco College Student; Age, Description, Found Dead

Chris Liang Missing

Chris Liang, whose full name is Christopher Lian, a San Francisco college who had been reported missing on Monday, Feb 28 just hours after he rented a car for a trip to Irvine, San Francisco area. was found dead on Saturday, March 5. The Tesla he rented for a road trip overturned on a dry riverbed outside of Los Banos, the California Highway Patrol wrote in a crash report obtained by PEOPLE.

According to the statement released by Highway Patrol Police, they arrived at the scene of the crash after getting a tip from a witness, who was not present at the time of the crash but had seen the student’s vehicle, “which was down a ditch and was not visible from the road.”

“Firefighters arrived and were able to locate a deceased individual in the vehicle, a 2020 Tesla sedan,” CHP wrote in the report.

Christopher Lian had reported him missing

His brother, Jerry had been appealing for anyone with information to assist the family. In an Instagram post on Thursday, Feb 3, Irvine revealed that his missing brother was in the central California town of Firebaugh as per their last communication. He has not been in contact with anyone since then and his phone has been switched off. Jerry revealed that Chris has had little activity on his social media profiles sharing one photo on his Instagram.
“Since then, his phone has been inaccessible and social media inactive,” Jerry wrote. “He has broken plans he’s made with friends in Irvine.”

Chris who is a college student at the University of San Francisco did not return to his classes and the Tesla Model Y with the license plate, 8RNC906 has not been returned. Chris revealed to a friend that the Tesla he was driving was malfunctioned for about 20 minutes. The location of the Tesla is also unavailable.

Chris Liang has Documented struggles with mental health

Chris’s brother, Jerry, and his classmate latest to the fact that he has struggled with ‘mental health issues which further complicates the situation.  Jerry described the trip as “erratic in nature” due to his brother’s “mental health issues.”

Maybe: Izzy wrote, “SF/LA folks please share! Chris Liang has been missing since Monday. His brother (his classmate) is deeply concerned for his life— he has documented struggles with mental health, and this trip was out of character. Last seen on the 5 in Firebaugh headed towards LA.”

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