March 24, 2023

Who is Cleo Shelby? Carroll Shelby Wife; Her Wiki, Age, Jewelry, Husband’s Death

Cleo Shelby

Cleo Shelby is the CEO of Shelby Jewelry Collections, founded in Aug 2007 and a British model who drove rally cars. She was also best known for being the wife of Carroll Shelby, an American automotive designer and racing driver who passed away on May 10, 2012, at 89.

Cleo grew up in London and says in her bio that her youth was filled with fashionable diner parties and elegant galas. During that time, she was fascinated with diamonds, sapphires and precious metals allure, leading to her choice to open Shelby Jewelry Collection.

Cleo Shelby Age

Cleo was 25 years younger than her husband. With that in mind, she is currently 74 years old in 2022. At the time of her husband’s death, she was 64 years old.

Cleo Shelby and Carroll Shelby

Shelby was married seven times in his lifetime, and his first and last marriage lasted 15 years before divorce proceedings. His marriage to Cleo (née Rendell-Roberts) was after the death of his 6th wife, Helena “Lena” Dahl, a Swedish woman who he married in the 90s after first meeting in 1968. She died in a car accident in 1997, which was his only marriage that did not end up in divorce, annulment or separation.

Cleo and Shelby were in the process of divorce when he died in 2012. Shelby received a heart transplant in 1990 and a kidney transplant in 1996. She writes on her Linkedin that she went to the School of Carroll Shelby Life Management, meaning that her husband was her mentor, and they first met in 1970. They were, however, married in the early 2000s.

Carrol Shelby Death & Cause

Shelby died on May 10, 2012, at the age of 89. He had been suffering from a serious heart ailment for decades.

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