March 22, 2023

Who Is Danielle Stella (Ilhan Omar Opponent) Wiki, Bio, Age, QAnon, Shoplifting, Arrest, Twitter

Danielle Stella Biography

Danielle Stella is a Republican candidate for Congress who is aiming to unseat Ilhan Omar in Minnesota. On July 25, 2019 The Guardian reported that she had been charged with felony twice after she allegedly shoplifted.

Stella is a special education needs professional, prior to joining politics she was teaching, supporting, and caring for children with Autism. She also supported numerous healthcare organizations, to include the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, Courage Center, Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Allina Clinics, Aftercare, and Extended Care.

Danielle Stella Real Name

Danielle’s real name is Danielle McMonigal.

Danielle Stella Age

Danielle is 31 years old.

Danielle Stella QAnon

On July 23, 2019 the Right Wing Watch reported that Danielle was supporting the QAnon conspiracy theory. QAnon is a Trump-era phenomena centered on a conspiracy theory that alleges that Trump administration insiders have been dropping clues, in the form of cryptic riddles posted on anonymous imageboards, about a supposed secret plan to take down the “deep state” and a worldwide network of satanic pedophiles said to include A-list Hollywood figures and top-level Democrats. Believers, who call themselves “anons,” dedicate themselves to decoding the posts. Early on, QAnon adherents claimed that Trump was secretly working with then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller to expose the Satanists.

The co-host of the “QAnon Anonymous” podcast, Travis View noticed that Stella had responded to pro-QAnon Twitter users on her account and had used the hashtag “#WWG1WGA” popularized by QAnon believers online.

Danielle Stella Shoplifting – Danielle Stella Theft

The Guardian reported that on January 8, 2019 Stella was accused of stealing 279 items valued at $2,327.97 from a Target store in Edina, to the south-west of Minneapolis. She was arrested for the alleged theft after security staff called the police.

According to a criminal complaint, it alleges that Stella was seen leaving the store without paying for most of her haul, after “scanning only a few other items” that were valued at about $50.

They also reported that Stella denied the claims in a series of text messages saying; “I am not guilty of these crimes. In this country, I am innocent until proven guilty and that is the law. If I was guilty of crimes, I would never run for public office, putting myself in the public eye under a microscope to be attacked by all political sides.”

Danielle Stella Arrest – Danielle Stella Arrested

Stella was arrested after the security staff police on her. The complaint alleged that Stella told the police in a statement she “remembers arriving at Target to purchase items but nothing else” due to a post-traumatic stress disorder, and that she “normally she goes to Target with someone because of anxiety around people”.

She was charged with felony theft, under her former surname which The Guardian said they agreed not to report for her safety. According to court filings, she also faces a punishment of up to five years in prison and a fine of $10,000 if convicted.

It is also alleged that a warrant was put out for her re-arrest for alleged contempt of court on 4 April, after she failed to show up for a court hearing. She was arrested on April 28, after a security staff at a Cub Foods grocery store saw her stealing a bottle of tick spray for cats, and placing other items “under her purse so that they could not be seen”.

She was again arrested for alleged misdemeanour theft for taking “cat merchandise” and cat food valued at $40.46. She was issued with a citation and given a date to appear in court. It was not clear whether authorities would pursue the contempt of court allegation.

Court records also shows that Stella pleaded guilty in 2009 to driving while impaired from alcohol and fleeing a police officer. The latter charge was prosecuted as a felony but later classified as a gross misdemeanour as part of Stella’s plea.

Danielle Stella Twitter