March 24, 2023
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Who is Diane Rivest? Wife of Wrestler Dino Bravo Today; Her Age & Daughter

Diane Rivest

Diane Rivest was the wife of Dino Bravo whose real name is Adolfo Bresciano, an Italian-Canadian professional wrestler and promoter. Not much is known about Diane and she was not talked about much even after her husband’s death.

Diane Rivest’s uncle was a renowned Italian Canadian crime boss of the Cotronu crime family, Vincenzo Cotroni also known as “The Egg”/ The family was based in Montreal, Quebec.

Dino Bravo & Diane Rivest

Diane Rivest and Dino had a daughter named Claudia Bresicano. She was featured as Dino Bravo’s Wife in The Assassination of Dino Bravo’s (2020)crime series as per IMDB.

Dino at one point purchased a car for his then-four-year-old daughter Claudia. The daughter notes that her dad was her best friend, and she would accompany him to go places whenever he wasn’t on the road. Claudia says that her dad doted on her, and he only wanted his girl to have the best.

Dino was introduced into the crime world by his uncle Vic Cotroni who at one time was also a wrestler and was acquainted with Dino by virtue of his marriage to Vic’s niece, Diane Rivest. Diane did not have a good feeling about her husband’s involvement with gangs. Her fears were justified as she went home with her then six-year-old daughter to find her husband slumped in a chair. There was blood all over his body and he was obviously dead from numerous gunshot wounds all over his body.

The death of Dino had a serious impact on Diane and her young daughter as they could not process the picture of the crime scene. Diane didn’t really want to say much on the subject. The issue surrounding her husband’s death remains unsolved as do most gang-related crimes. Claudia broke down as she recalled drawing a picture for her father and laying it on his casket.

Dino Bravo Cause of Death

Dino was shot dead at his Vimont, Laval, Quebec home on March 10, 1993, at the age of 44. He was hit by 17 bullets in the head and torso and his alleged role in illegal cigarette smuggling in Canada may have led to his death. The homicide remains unsolved to date. Dino’s death was subject to episode six of the Dar Side of the Ring documentary series. The series aired on April 21, 2020.

Prior to his death, a former opponent, Brett Hart had confided to friends that his days were numbered.

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