March 24, 2023
South Africa

Who is Zakes Kagiso Motene? (Doctor who issued Jacob Zuma an Unclear Sick Note) Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Military Doctor, Twitter, Facebook

Dr Zakes Kagiso Motene Bio, Wiki

Dr Zakes Kagiso Motene (Dr ZK Motene) is a military doctor who has been “assigned to Union Buildings work”. He is also registered as an active medical practitioner with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), according to its website register.

He is in the headlines after writing a much-criticized sick note submitted to the KwaZulu-Natal High Court on behalf of former president Jacob Zuma.

Is Dr Zakes Kagiso Motene a Milliatru Doctor?

Upon contacting One Military Hospital, two officials confirmed Motene was not based at the facility. Instead, they said he worked at the highest level of national leadership. One official said: “Dr Motene works at presidential.” Another official from the casualty ward said: “He is assigned to Union Buildings at presidential.”

Dr Zakes Kagiso Motene Career Background

Dr Zakes Motene is the head of several companies and is the founding director of Innovative Laboratory Solutions of which his company, Z Kay M Consulting, is a shareholder. According to Z Kay M Consulting (Pty) Ltd website, he describes himself as a medical doctor, consultant, and author of the best selling book “The Journey – Ellis Park Stampede, a survivor’s story. Dr Zakes also served as Sectoral Commander for the North West Province under the Presidential Medical Unit.

Dr Zakes is also the founder and chairperson of Tsoga Afrika Investment Holdings and is listed as an SA distributor for Swiss watch manufacturer Slow. According to its website, Tsoga Afrika is “open to Africans and other investors who share in the vision of pooling funds… with the view of pursuing maverick economic and business activities in a way that has never been previously achieved”.

Dr Zakes is a non-executive director of The People’s Fund, which is described as “an asset-backed crowdfunding platform for businesses that have found a market and are looking to grow their ability to deliver this value to their customers”.

On his profile for the fund, he is called “The Fixer”, seemingly because he is “a connector and problem-solver. If you’re looking for someone, he probably has them in his address book”, the website says.

He was the recipient of the Nelson Mandela medal for outstanding service rendered to the departed Hero of the World.  Dr Zakes is also the founder and current chairman of the Tsoga Afrika Group.

His Facebook Page Gives Further Insight About his Background

Motene’s Facebook page stated he has been working at One Military Hospital in Tshwane since February 2009. According to his profile, he has been the physician executive at the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) for the past 10 years, the same place the sick note was issued from.

His Twitter accounts Show that he is friends with Jacob Zuma

A Twitter page belonging to Zakes Kagiso Motene is dotted with posts about Zuma, and there are suggestions the two might have known each other since 2014.

A tweet showing Zuma and Motene posing for a picture in 2014 indicate Motene’s support for Zuma, with the caption: “South Africa is in very good hands. The strides achieve in the past five years can only herald an even brighter future.”

The two also appear in two separate pictures taken at an event hosted by the Kings Park Sports Medicine Centre.

Motene is seemingly a fan of former Gupta-linked news channel ANN7, saying it was a “breath of fresh air. Such fair commentary is truly rare”.