March 22, 2023

Who is Eric Lin? Maryland Man Threatened ‘Racial War’; Bio, Wiki, Age, Education, Family, Background, Facebook, Arrest & Charges

Eric Lin Bio, Wiki

Eric Lin is a 35 years old man from Maryland accused in federal court of threatening to kill a South Florida Hispanic woman and her family and vowing to exterminate all Spanish-speakers in Facebook direct messages. A federal warrant for his arrest indicates that Lin, of Clarksburg, was jailed in Seattle Friday August 16th and charged with interstate transmission of threatening communication. He faces a fine and up to five years in federal prison if convicted.

Eric Lin Background

According to his Facebook, he attended the University of Maryland. He has some friend from the University where he says he studied evolutionary psychology. Court records show he did have a harassment charge filed against him by university police.

Eric Lin used the name Eric A. Schopenhauer on Facebook. He also used the name Jake Howard. In posts that can be seen by the public, it’s evident Lin is a devotee of Adolph Hitler and on his page, he espouses extreme fascist and Nazi rhetoric and ideology; his Facebook timeline is filled with diatribes about ridding the world of Jews and hatred for “mongrels.”

Eric Lin Political Affiliation

In 2015, Line appeared to not support Trump,however, he had a major shift as evidenced by the messages the FBI says he sent to the woman. He is  a hardcore Trump supporter now and has been for the past several years.

In a message to the woman dated July 19th, 2019, Lin allegedly wrote: “I thank God every day President Donald John Trump is president and that he will launch of racial war and proceed to keep the n*****s, s***s, and Muslims and any dangerous non-white or ethnically or culturally foreign group ‘in line’ by ‘in line’ it is meant that they will either be sent to ‘concentration camps’ or dealt with ruthlessly and vigorously by the United States military.”

Lin allegedly wrote that “providence has willed” a race war and he’s signed on. “I just know that Providence has willed this White Holy Race War in the United States of America for a reason and that I will make my name on it.”

Lin said that he was going to participate in “genocide” and made specific threats to slaughter and rape Latinos in Miami. “I look forward to committing a genocide …”

“The time will come in Miami will burn to the ground and every Latin men will be lined up against the wall and shot in every Latin women raped and cut the pieces ”

Eric Lin Was Willing to Pay $ 1 Million for a person in Miami to Beat up a woman

According to the complaint filed in federal court, Lin allegedly tried to engage or hire a person to go to Miami and “beat up this s**c who insulted me. I will pay you $10,000.”

The person Lin tried to hire, whose name is Chris and is a friend of Lin’s on Facebook, agreed if he was paid first.

Their conversation read; “Hey Chris, I was wondering if you could do me a favor. I was wondering if you could go to Miami and beat up this s**c who insulted me. I can pay you $10,000.”

Chris responded, “Sure PayPal me first.”

Lin thean laid out the plan mentioning the name of an individual associated with Chris saying the two should “…convince (the woman in Miami)that you are rich white American people that she looks up to. Then get her into a rented house or mansion and then chain her up and put her in a Rubbermaid plastic bin and you’ve got to drive her to Seattle, Washington upon which I will pay $25,000.”

Lin said that Chris didn’t need to “kill her.”

“You don’t need to kill her. Hurt her. So at most you will be charged with kidnapping. Nothing will happen to you if you get the right lawyers. She’s a s**c who hates white Americans. I doubt the FBI would care much about her. I don’t care if I have to pay you $1 million or more I want this done.”

Eric Lin Criminal Records

Eric Lin has numerous cases where he was charged with various types of harassment in several Maryland cities from 2008 until 2012. In 2009, he served nine months for making harassing phone calls. He was the subject of an order of protection where he was found guilty of harassment and served 90 days in county jail. In the long list of court cases Lin has been involved in, one is a domestic case: a name change. He is Zhaoyuan Cheng, who changed his name to Eric Lin in 2005 court records show.

Lin was arrested in Montgomery County in 2010 and charged with breaking into a house by climbing up a balcony fence and slipping in through an open window where, local media reported at the time, “…took a shower, had lunch and went on Facebook as if he was living there.” Family of the home owner found him in the house and he took off, apparently with a Sig-Sauer assault rifle he’d stolen. Police found him nearby and arrested him. Lin was reported to have told police he was homeless.

In one of his convictions where he was sentenced with one count of burglary, he filed a Habeas Corpus motion in court claiming that he was being held in a jail unlawfully and should have been sent to a hospital However, court records show the hospital he named refused to take him. A court-ordered exam found him to be competent to stand trial and responsible for his actions. Sentenced to 20 years, he served 16 months, with the remainder suspended, and five years of probation.

Eric Lin Facebook

Despite the Facebook URLS being redacted by the FBI, it has emerged that he operated two Facebook account. One under the name Eric A. Schopenhauer and the other Jake Howard. On the one where he goes by Eric A. Schopenhauer, posts from 2015 show him appearing as a liberal or Democrat possibly, and mocking Trump. Curiously, his Jake Howard Facebook page appears to exist to be a friend to his Eric A. Schopenhauer page with ‘Jake’ often liking Eric’s posts a vice versa.

By early 2016, Lin was a zealous Trump fan. His ‘about’ is a reflection of his obsession with Trump. Lin as Eric A. Schopenhauer says he is “President of the United States at President of the United States, Chief Executive Officer at The Trump Organization, Works at Streets Of Rage, Studied Law at Harvard Law School, Studied at Trump University and Studied at The Wharton School.”

In the Facebook pages, Lin has shared dozens of posts filled with captions that read as essays revealing his hatred of Jews and idealization of Hitler.