March 20, 2023

Who Is Ethan Kollie (Friend of Connor Betts) Bio, Wiki, Age, Arrest, Charges

Ethan Kollie Bio

Ethan Kollie is a friend of Dayton mass shooter Connor Betts who according to federal prosecutors bought Connor body armor and the 100-round “double drum” magazine that he used during the deadly rampage.

According to his LinkedIn page, he is a commercial sales representative at Dave Dennis Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram since August 2017. He previously worked as an account manager at Fortitude Marketing Solutions and later as a sales specialist at Key Chrysler.

Ethan Kollie Age

Kollie is 24 years old.

Ethan Kollie Education

Ethan has a certificate in real estates sales from Sinclair Community College.

Ethan Kollie and Connor Betts

Ethan Kollie was a friend of Dayton shooter Connor Betts, who shot and killed nine people on August 7, 2019. He allegedly bought body armor and ammunition that Connor used in the attack. According to Benjamin C. Glassman, the United States attorney for the Southern District of Ohio Ethan bought the items and kept them in his apartment to help Connor hide them from his parents.

Ethan Kollie Charges

On August 12, the Department of Justice announced at a press conference that Kollie has been charged with lying on federal firearms forms. He allegedly bought Kollie body armor, an AR-15 accessory and a 100 round drum magazine in May. Authorities added that Kollie knew of what Connor was planning. According to U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio Ben Glassman, Kollie had indicated that Betts asked him to buy the items because he wanted to hide them from his parents.

“Mr Kollie does not stand accused of intentionally participating in the planning of the shooting. We have no evidence of that.”

Kollie was interviewed by authorities on August 4 and at the time he said he purchased the items for Betts. According to Glassman when Kollie was being interviewed by the FBI they noticed a bong and a pistol in his home. They also smelled marijuana.

The FBI agents again spoke with Kollie on August 8, when he told them that he had taken “hard drugs” with Betts “four or five times” weekly for a number of years. He also told the agents that he had smoked marijuana almost daily over a period of 10 years.

The FBI then sourced a copy of the ATF form that Kollie filled out to purchase the pistol that the agents saw in his home. Kollie indicated on this form that he did not use any narcotic drugs.

Glassman said, “Anyone who is discovered to have any criminal culpability for any act that ultimately is discovered through the investigation or contributed in anyway to the events on August 4th is going to be held criminally responsible.”

Ethan Kollie Drug

It is alleged that Kollie told the FBI that he smoked marijuana every day and had done so since he was 14. He also claimed he and Betts had done ‘hard drugs’ – marijuana and acid together four to five times a week during 2014 and 2015.

The complaint alleged that after the authorities executed a search warrant on August 8 they found marijuana in his pocket and a revolver. He allegedly admitted “being a regular user of illegal drugs, including marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms, which he grew in his residence.”

He allegedly stated that he lied about his drug use on the firearms form because otherwise “he knew that if he told the truth about his drug use he would not be allowed to purchase a firearm, so he lied and answered ‘no.’”

The Daily News reported that he pleaded guilty to a 2013 misdemeanor marijuana possession charge in Kettering Municipal Court. The Daily News noted that the federal firearms form mandates that applicants state whether they are unlawful drug users.

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