March 20, 2023
South Africa

Who is Fiona Viotti? Sexual Affair with Bishops Student; Bio, Wiki, Age, Video, Husband (Pavo Viotti), Bishops Teacher, Instagram

Fiona Viotti Bio, Wiki

Fiona Mallett Viotti is a 30-year-old teacher who ho resigned amid allegations of a sexual relationship with a pupil at the Bishops Diocesan College in Rondebosch. She also worked as a water polo coach at the school.

The teacher is the niece of former Springbok player and coach Nick Mallett, Sunday Times reported.

Fiona Viotti is seen with members of the Bishops water polo team
Fiona Viotti is seen with members of the Bishops water polo team

Fiona Viotti Sexual Affair with a Student

Viotti is reported to have had a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old matric student. When the student tried to break it off, Viotti sent threatening WhatsApp messages to him. Additionally, other learners who knew about the relationship threatened to go public with their knowledge.

Fiona Viotti reportedly left Bishops with immediate effect last week (Early October). The school reportedly appointed an attorney to investigate what the principal described as “serious misconduct”.

No crime was being investigated as the pupil in question was not underaged but she is subject to an internal investigation at the school. If she’s found guilty of misconduct, it’s time to start calling things as they should be seen: There is no excuse for any teacher to cross these boundaries, regardless of their gender.

Fiona Viotti Had Sexual Misconduct with at least five Bishop’s Pupils

New reports which came on on Monday, December 1st reveal that while she was employed as a teacher during the period 2013 to 2019, investigators determined she had engaged in sexual misconduct with at least five pupils. It was determined she acted in breach of the Bishops Code of Professional Conduct for Teaching Staff and the Code of Professional Ethics issued by the South African Council of Educators.

Bishops Diocesan College Statement

Bishops principal Guy Pearson said in a statement on Friday evening: “Bishops is currently investigating allegations that there has been serious misconduct by one of its teachers. The teacher has resigned with immediate effect and the school is conducting a full investigation.

Fiona Viotti Family

Fiona Viotti is the daughter of Dave Mallett, who is a history teacher at the school and coaches the first rugby team, according to Rapport. Dave is reportedly the brother of Nick Mallett. Viotti is the granddaughter of Anthony Mallett, the school’s headmaster from 1964 to 1982, reports Sunday Times.

Fiona Viotti Husband (Pavo Viotti)

Fiona Viotti’s husband is Pavo Viotti. The two celebrated their marriage in September 2018 after dating for a long period. She was reportedly a water polo star as a teenager and was one of the “Beauties of Sport” featured in Sports Illustrated magazine in 2009.

Fiona Viotti P**n Hub Video

The lawyer representing the educator has acknowledged that a video of his client has now gone “viral” on P**nhub – as the South African reported on Wednesday, October 16th. The clip features Fiona Viotti in her underwear on a bed, acting in a sexually suggestive manner. Of course, it’s now a trending feature on the adult film content site.

Following the release of the video, Fiona Viotti is reported to have sought professional help. Prominent lawyer William Booth is representing the beleaguered teacher, and he told the media that she and her family need to be given their privacy:

“My client has sought counselling and is under medical care. I request that she and her family’s privacy and dignity be respected and that Bishops be allowed to complete their investigation. Furthermore, I ask that the family not be constantly contacted by the media for comment as this is a very emotionally trying time for them.”

Fiona Viotti Instagram

She has already deleted her Instagram account.