March 20, 2023

Frank Watson Legendry Club Promoter Cause of Death; Gay, Partner, Car Accident

Renowned legendary club promoter Frank Watson is to have passed away on September 24, 2022 (the Eve of Thanksgiving day). His death was confirmed on multiple social media pages. Although his cause of death was not immediately released, some unconfirmed sources say that he had a car accident.

According to Frank Watson’s Facebook page, he says that he is from Monticello, Arkansas, and went to Monticello High School. For his University education, he went to the University of Arkansas, where he studied Marketing, and finally to The New York Conservatory for Dynamic Arts for an Acting Course.

The first event Watson promoted was headlined by The Crooklyn Crip Bloods and The New York Bloods, leading to many problems that were not resolved for years, some even becoming violent outbursts. The club became infamous for these incidents. Watson was known as an energetic promoter and was often seen on the dance floor while his events were underway.

Frank Watson Gay

Watson identified as gay and created a safe place for Black gay/queer men to exist in their fullness and experience Black Boy Joy together! His positive energy, smile, and love made the people around him feel at home. Watson was not afraid to talk about his love for men and make that clear in front of many. Such passion left a lasting impression on those who knew and embraced him.

Frank Watson  Activism

Frank Watson’s activism was infectious and contained in his constant smile, contagious energy, and deep compassion for the people around him. Although he never needed to speak up because everyone around him did so for him. It is important to remember that Watson had a long list of accomplishments and achievements beyond just being an underground club promoter.

Frank Watson Death & Cause

As earlier mentioned, his death was accounted for on Nove 24, 2022, just a day before thanksgiving day. Multiple sources suggest that he was involved in a car accident. His death leaves a deep dent in the LGBTQ community as he was one of its champions.

It also comes days after the tragic mass shooting of an LGBTQ party scene in Club Q Colorado. Vandalism incidences followed the incident at Vers club in New York. If you’re an LGBTQ person, going to a club or party is increasingly about the same anxiety-inducing questions: “Will I be safe? Will I be attacked?”

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