March 22, 2023

Gabriel Roman from Denver Death & Cause; Age, 2018 Stabbing, Gay Partner

Gabriel Roman from Denver died in November 2022, as confirmed by multiple sources. He was 27 years old. Roman identifies as gay and, in 2018, was subject to a stabbing near a Denver nightclub. He was married to his partner, Chris Huizar, who is 23.

Gabriel Roman 2018 Stabing

Roman and his partner Huizar were subject to a homophobic hate crime when a man attacked them and stabbed them with a knife on a Saturday while the two were walking home from a nightclub.

Confirming the attack, the two were returning from the Church nightclub when a man shouted “fuckin’ fa**ots” at them, they said. “We were just walking, and I guess he didn’t like what he saw,” Huizar told TV station KUSA. “That we were holding hands.” The suspect took a man identified as 24-year-old Dylan Payne into custody.

After the verbal attack, the man went on to stab Huizar in the neck, and as Roman tried to stop the attack, he was stabbed in the hand and back. At the time, the two created a GoFundMe to help cater to their medical expenses. The page’s description reads, “We were just holding hands, minding our business.” They further wrote that their injuries have left them unable to work. “We have hospital bills that need to be paid along with other utilities.”

Gabriel Roman Parner, Chris Huizar

Roman and his gay partner, Chris Huizar, were married on May 30, 2017. In his Instagram post, Roman celebrated their anniversary in 2021, “For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It’s a person, and we are finally home” I love you, baby boy.” On the other hand, Christopher posted, “Never needed nobody, But it feels good to have somebody.”

Gabriel Roman Death & Cause

Gabriel Roman passed away in November 2022 from an accident. Although his partner is yet to confirm his death, their friends in the comment section have been passing their condolence messages.

One wrote, “Chris, I am so sorry for your loss, honey. He will look down on you, watch out for you, and thank you for sharing your life with us. Even though this is a hard time, you have all in us. Much love.”

Another wrote, “I’ve been following you forever. From the scummy days, I remember when y’all first started dating. My heart breaks for you… I am so shocked and sad to hear about this. May he rest in peace?.”