March 20, 2023

George Christian CBS Photojournalist Death & Cause; Wiki, Age, Wife & Career

George Christian, a CBS photojournalist is being reported to have passed away over the weekend of 27th and 28th August 2022 as per a statement by CBS news. He was a long-term CBS photojournalist whose career spanned 40 years.

CBS in its tributes that was read by CBS morning host, John Dickerson said that throughout his career, George helped them document iconic moments all over the world from the Fall of the Berlin Wall to Nelson Mandera’s release from prison and his election as South African president.

Christian was also on airforce 1 on 911 where he covered President Clinton’s time in office.

George Christian Covered President Richard Nixon’s Resignation

According to a 2011 article on CBS News describing his work, George has been covering CBS news since October 6, 1971, when President Richard Nixon was in office. A few years later, when Pres. Nixon prepared to resign he ordered everyone out of the Oval Office except for a CBS News cameraman and George himself. He talked about the formed in an interview in 2014. He earned an Emy award and a special lifetime achievement award from the Radion and Television Association for all of his incredible work.

George received a recognition award from the Radio Television Correspondent Association’s Jerry Thompson Memorial Award for his Outstanding Photojournalism.

The statement concluded with the station passing their condolence to George’s family.

George Christian Cause of Death

George Christian’s cause of death was not revealed in the statement releading by the CBS Morning team. They however confirmed that he died surrounded by his family on the weekend of 28th and 29th August 2022.  They wished George’s family their heartfelt condolence as they came to terms with the death of one of their loved ones.

An official obituary is yet to be created by the family that should outline the funeral arrangements. More updates to follow on the same.