March 22, 2023

Hannah Ann Sluss (The Bachelor) Bio, Wiki, Age, Education, Ex-Boyfriend, Boob Job, Career as a Model, Hannah G, Instagram

Hannah Ann Sluss Bio, Wiki

Hannah Ann Sluss is a 23-year-old Tennessee model who is one of the more than two dozen women competing on season 24 of The Bachelor with an aim of winning the heart of pilot Peter Weber. She is poised to make quite an impression this season, so here’s what we know about her.

Hannah Ann Sluss Age

She is currently 23 years old.

Hannah Ann Sluss Model

Hannah Ann is a Model from Knoxville, Tennessee. She doesn’t just pose for ads on Instagram, Sluss is represented by Wilhelmina Models and The Block Agency. When not working it in front of the camera, she’s a “talented painter and loves to dabble in interior decorating,” as described in her show bio. According to her Facebook page, it appears that she also loves to hunt deer.

Her face is also on the bottle of Ultra Downey Odor Protect. She also models for Revolve and other online clothing sites.

In 2018, she appeared in country music star Chris Lane’s music video for his song “I Don’t Know About You.”

Hannah Ann Sluss Boob Job

In 2018, Sluss opened up about getting her boobs done while she was still a teenager to help her modeling career. In the confessional video posted on Dr. Ed Breazeale’s Instagram page, Sluss admitted, “I was really anxious about it at first. I had never had any work done before, and I was really nervous because this is plastic surgery, and I wanted it to look as natural as possible. I also didn’t want everyone to really recognize that I had had surgery. I wanted it to just be a gradual transition into looking more like a woman.”

Hannah Ann Sluss & Hannah G

Sluss and Hannah Godwin, who was the second runner-up on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor are best friends. Although Hannah G did not end up with Colton, she got engaged with Dylan Barbour on Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise. Sluss was convinced to apply for the reality series.

Back when Hannah G. first appeared on Bachelor Nation, Sluss sang her praises on Instagram. She captioned a photo of the girls wearing nearly matching outfits, “Can’t wait for #bachelornation to fall in love with the sweetest / goofiest southern belle you could ever meet! Love ya smurf.”

The two gorgeous ladies also worked together as influencers on Instagram. They posted pictures for The Varsity, the famous chilli hot-dog stop in Atlanta, Shop Redress and American Style.

Hannah Ann Sluss Ex-Boyfriend

Sluss was in a relationship with an ex-boyfriend by the name Ben Taylor. Sluss is so active on social media and there are still numerous photos on her profile from her last relationship with an ex-boyfriend. The same goes for his Facebook profile.

Hannah Ann Sluss and Ben Taylor
Hannah Ann Sluss and Ben Taylor

Taylor, who studied at Pellissippi State Community College, lives in Knoxville. While Sluss first appeared in his profile picture in 2015, the last time he posted a photo of them together was on January 31st, 2018. Sluss’s last photo of Ben was posted on February 15, 2018, so it seems the couple broke up sometime after Valentine’s Day that year.

Hannah Ann Sluss The Bachelor

Sluss is one of the contestants in season 24 of The Bachelor. She aims to win the heart of pilot Peter Weber and is poised to make quite an impression this season. Sluss wins the First Impression Rose on the premiere episode, but statistically speaking, that honor does not bode well for Sluss. While most men who win the First Impression Rose on The Bachelorette go on to be engaged to the cycle’s leading lady, it’s the opposite when a man is the show’s lead.

“Hannah Ann obviously got [the first impression] rose, but she’s going to be in the middle of a lot of drama coming up, whether she likes it or not,” says Harrison. “It’s a roller coaster ride of a season.”

Despite being able to get behind-the-scenes tips from Hannah G., according to Bachelor Nation host, Chris Harrison in an ABC “Meet the Women” video, Sluss arrived to film completely naive of how emotionally tumultuous being on the series is for contestants.

“It really seemed like Hannah Ann had no idea what was going on,” Harrison said. “She seemed very naive about this whole Bachelor world. For someone who was so naive and innocent, she ended up in the middle of absolutely everything,” Harrison said. “Every bit of drama you can run into, this was Hannah Ann.”

Harrison added that the 23-year-old managed to hold her own. “Let me say this about her, [Sluss] seems sweet, quiet, reserved? Girl’s got a backbone… girl’s got a backbone.”

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