March 24, 2023
Missing Persons

Hayden Eskew Vlogger Missing in Puerto Rico; Age, Description, Found, Last Seen & Family

Hayden Eskew Vlogger

Hayden Eskew a vlogger who dedicated making videos of his experiences in Puerto Rico was found alive on Sunday, March 27 after being reported missing by his family.  His family says he was found alive with his 2 dogs, one sato and one of the Australian Blue Heeler breed.’

What had been Reported?

Hayden Eskew Description

Hayden Eskew is described as 26 years old white male with Blue/Azul eyes. He has Blonde/Rubio hair, weighs 165 pounds, and stands at 5 feet 9 inches. According to his missing poster, he wears glasses sometimes and has a circular tattoo on his chest and a tree and flowers tattoo on his arms.

He was last seen in Las Maria’s Puerto Rico. A poster doing rounds on social media states that his father and brother are already in Puerto Rico trying to find him because he did answer his cell phone which they say is unlike him.
Hayden is a Texas American whose love for Puerto Rico made him relocate several years ago to a town named Las Marias. The town is on the western side of Puerto Rico, nestled against the Cordillera Central mountain range where Hayden occasionally made his videos.

The family says that he has been dedicated to making videos of his experience in the South American country on his YouTube channel. He has over 19k subscribers.

Anyone with any information on Hayden’s whereabouts is being requested to call Tanner Eskew on (512)845-0068 or Alex Eskew on (512) 229-7050.
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