March 22, 2023

Who is Yelyzaveta Liza Naumova? Igor Fruman Estranged Wife; Bio, Wiki, Age, Children, Miami Design, Net Worth, Instagram

Yelyzaveta Liza Naumova Bio, Wiki

Yelyzaveta Liza Naumova is the estranged wife of Igor Fruman a Belarus-born Florida businessmen renown for being one of the donors to a pro-Trump fundraising committee who helped Rudy Giuliani’s efforts to investigate Democrat Joe Biden. He was arrested on Wednesday, October 9th alongside his Soviet-born compatriot, Lev Parnas on criminal charges of violating campaign finance rules, including funneling Russian money into President Trump’s campaign.

Yelyzaveta Liza Naumova & Igor Fruman

Liza Naumova is leading the glamorous life in Miami — running a high-end boutique and rubbing shoulders with the stars. Her ex-spouse,  Rudy Giuliani was arrested last week at Dulles International Airport with a one-way ticket to Vienna.

The two celebrated their wedding in Miami in 2005 as per record. She filed for divorce in 2017 the year, that Odessa-born beauty launched her Miami Design District boutique, Odds, at a blowout Art Basel party.

“What’s crazy is that her store’s in the Design District — it’s all super legit,” one insider told The Post. “Meanwhile, her baby-daddy is funneling money from Russia.”

She jetted off to London in September 2019 for Fashion Week, attending her designer pal Natasha Zinko’s show. As per the Post, Many of Naumova’s acquaintances likely haven’t yet made the connection between her and Fruman.

“Because they have different last names, I guarantee there are a ton of people who know her or follow her on Instagram — or their kids know her kids — . . . and they have no idea she’s connected to [this scandal].”

Yelyzaveta Liza Naumova Divorce

Liza Naumova and Igor Fruman divorced in 2017. According to their split have been mared with a lengthy court docket, which shows Fruman having sought several orders to get his wife randomly drug tested — while she got his finances subpoenaed from American Express and JP Morgan Chase Bank.

The couple was also battling over a luxe Miami Beach condo with a $3 million mortgage. They have a hearing scheduled for October, 29th.

Yelyzaveta Liza Naumova Children

Liza Naumova has three children with his husband.

Igor Fruman & Lev Parnas

As per Federal prosecutors, Belarus-born Fruman and his associate, Lev Parnas, of Ukraine, gave $325,000 to a pro-President Trump political action committee in May 2018 and falsely reported that the donation came from a US gas company.

The four-count indictment launched on Wednesday, October 9th, against the businessmen includes charges of conspiracy, making false statements to the Federal Election Commission and falsification of records. The two are likely prepping for an appearance in Manhattan federal court Thursday, October 17th, Naumova’s been living it up.

Yelyzaveta Liza Naumova Instagram

She describes herself as “Odds concept founder Miami Design District, 182 NE39th street Otrada Luxury Group Co-owner and Jewelry buyer, ” as per her Instagram account.

On September 15th, she posted a photo to her 17,700 followers striking a sultry pose next to former Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima with the caption: “Playdate of Miami Mama’s:).” But out of her more than 2,100 posts, not one seemed to feature Fruman.