March 22, 2023

Who is Jade Gilliland (The Bachelor Contestant) Bio, Wiki, Age, Ex Husband, Instagram

Jade Gilliland Biography

Jade Gilliland (aka Jade M.) is a flight attendant and a contestant on The Bachelor season 24. She was previously married hence her name Jade M as her married last name was McCrary but has since divorced.

Jade Gilliland Age

Jade is 26 years old.

Jade Gilliland The Bachelor – Jade Gilliland Peter Weber

Jade is one of the contestants on The Bachelor season 24. Peter Weber, who was a contestant on The Bachelorette season 15 and the second runners up.

Jade Gilliland Ex-Husband

Jade was previously married to Mike McCrary but they have since divorced. In a Facebook comment, Mike said that Jade changed his life five years ago but they have since gone their separate ways and he’s happy for her. He added that he hopes that Jade finds what she is looking for with his journey.

“Really didn’t want to get on here but I’ve had a lot of people reaching out about Jade being on the show. I’m happy for her and hope she finds what she’s looking for with this…”

Mike’s sister had revealed on social media that Jade was previously married to her brother and that she walked away from her marriage four months ago, and strongly implied that Jade was vaguely unfaithful in Vegas.

“For those of you that don’t know this is my brother Ex-wife… recently divorced 4mo ago and now she is trying to be on the bachelor??? A girl who flat out walked away from a marriage, told her husband he ‘kept her from experiencing her 20’s’ wanted so badly to build a fashion blog that her husband helped her out with and supported her with but got so upset she didn’t get enough likes or followers that she quit it, you want me to keep going because I can…”


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Apparently one of the girls cast for #TheBachelor has some baggage and honestly, it’s too soon for me to even give a shit.

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