March 22, 2023

Jake Hoot (The Voice Season 17 Winner) Bio, Wiki, Age, Ex-Wife, Girlfriend, Daughter, Height, Songs, Family, Parents, Instagram

Jake Hoot Bio, Wiki

Jake Hoot is a 31-year-old singer/songwriter from Corpus Christi, Texas / Dominican Republic. He is currently residing in Cookeville, Tennessee. He was a contestant on the 17th edition of The Voice on Kelly’s team. On Tuesday, December 17th, Jake Hoot was crowned the winner of the Voice with Ricky Duran coming in Second, Katie Kadan third and Rose Short finishing in fourth place.

Jake Hoot Background

Jake Hoot was born in Texas but has lived in Tennessee for over a decade. In an interview with Becky Magura of local PBS affiliate WCTE, he says that he’s made a home in the Cookeville area, which is about an hour east of Nashville, and the people there could not be more supportive.

“Growing up, I was always a huge fan of classic country and rock, but having lived in the Dominican, I think there’s a little bit of an island feel to my music as well,” says Hoot on his Facebook page.

At 20, he moved to Tennessee where he began gigging and attended Tennessee Tech University as a walk-on football player.

Hoot has been active with missionary work as well as an adult. He recently posted to Instagram about his trip to Nicaragua that “truly changed [his] life.”

“A little over a year ago, I had the humbling honor of getting to visit Nicaragua on a missions trip!” he writes. “It truly changed my life getting to know so many great people, and learning so much about their culture! But I also saw so much need for so many things, that we take for granted every day. Food, clothes, a roof over their heads, and most of all, the love of God. AND NOW, they are in desperate need of a bus that will help transport food to over 11,600 children DAILY! Please consider helping by praying, donating, or buying a bracelet!!”

Jake Hoot Height

When Hoot auditioned for The Voice, coach Gwen Stefani remarked about how big he is — and then he revealed he’s 6’6″, “maybe an inch taller than Blake [Shelton].” It turns out he put that size to good use in college by playing football for Tennessee Tech University — and he had never played football before.

Jake Hoot Family

Hoot’s parents were Baptist church missionaries, so he and his eight siblings — Hoot is the second oldest — lived in Haiti and the Dominican Republic as children. As such, he speaks fluent Spanish and says that he thinks there’s a bit of island influence in his music.

Jake Hoot Wife, Girlfriend & Daughter

After getting divorced, Hoot is a newly-single father to 4-year-old Macy, whom he hopes to make so proud by following his dreams by auditioning for The Voice.

He tells Magura that his daughter and his girlfriend, who were seen rooting him on during the blind audition, are his biggest supporters.

“[My support group] has always been my family and my little girl and my girlfriend and her daughter. And the community here in Cookeville has always been great to me,” says Hoot.

Jake Hoot The Voice Season 17 Winner

Jake Hoot was crowned the winner of the 17th edition of The Voice. He was on Kelly’s team. In the run-up to the finals, he was one of the favourites to win the competition.

His blind audition of “When It Rains It Pours” by Luke Combs earned him a spot on Kelly Clarkson’s team — and she paid him a huge compliment when she compared him to Ronnie Dunn of the famed country duo Brooks & Dunn.

The country balladeer has won fans over with his smooth vocals and easygoing stage presence and is another favorite to come away with the competition. Hoot told Hollywood Life that his coach, Kelly Clarkson, has been a big part of his success thus far.

“Kelly encourages us to do our best and gives us all the confidence in the world. She gets us ready to perform and be our best selves,” he said. “She has been through all of this [on American Idol], and that provides a whole new look than what the other coaches can bring. She is so involved in every part of our performances — the songs, the look, the feel. She has helped me tremendously! She’s great because she’s lived our side of things, so it allows her to help us out in an amazing way.”

On Tuesday, December 17th, Jake Hoot was crowned the season 17 champion. Carson Daly gathered the four remaining contestants on stage and broke down the voting results. He revealed that Rose Short finished in fourth place, and Katie Kadan finished in third.

The second place spot went out to Ricky Duran, which meant that Hoot was voted the season 17 winner by the viewers at home. Hoot and his coach Kelly Clarkson celebrated as the audience cheered them on, and the episode closed out.

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