March 22, 2023

Who is Janice Thomson? Oboe player Dies after Fall; Bio, Wiki, Age, Education, Husband (Steven Gale), Son, Cause of Death

Janice Thomson Bio, Wiki

Janice Thomson is a 62-year-old Miami symphony oboe player who died after she tumbled down a flight of stairs minutes before a season-opening concert performance on Monday, November 11th as per the symphony’s Facebook page.

Janice Thomson Education

She is a graduate from the University of Central Missouri 2005 in Master’s degree in Teaching and Education. Prior to her Master’s, she did her Bachelor of Design in Architecture from the University of Florida Class of 1979. Janice went to Ooral Gables High School Class of 1975. At high school, she says, “I was a band geek who wanted to be an architect. I worked part-time at Publix after school for some days.”

Janice Thomson Background

She was a Realtor Associate at Elite Ocean View Realty, Stylist at Stella & Dot and Project Lead The Way Engineering and VEX IQ Robotics teacher at Mater Academy Middle/High as per her Facebook account. She was a resident of Coral Gables, Florida.

Janice Thomson Husband (Steven Gale)

She was married to Steven Gale. She posted a photo on Facebook back in May 2019 captioned “With my man, Steven Gale at the Coral Gables Country Club — I just liked this picture. ?” According to Gale’s Facebook, he says he is the CEO/Founder/Owner at StevenGaleStudios, LLC. She lists her son as Paul Mills as per her Facebook.

Janice Thomson with her Husband (Steven Gale)
Janice Thomson with her Husband (Steven Gale)

Janice Thomson Death & Cause (Accident)

Janice Thomson was Greater Miami Symphonic Band member Janice. She is reported to have hit her head on Sunday. November 10th when she fell on the tile floor of the lobby of the Maurice Gusman Concert Hall in Coral Gables, according to the symphony’s Facebook page.

One concertgoer said she was in the lobby purchasing a ticket when she heard a “bone-crunching splat,” the Miami Herald reported.

“We turned around and everyone was screaming and she was on the floor bleeding,” Grace Harrington told the newspaper. “Everyone was running to get her. They were screaming for a doctor.”

Thomson, suffering internal bleeding, was rushed to Jackson South Medical Center, where she succumbed to her injuries Monday, the Miami Herald reported.

The Greater Miami Symphonic Band said Monday that it will dedicate its December 10th concert to Thomson.

“As has been our tradition, we will have an unoccupied seat in the oboe section with a single rose on it,” the band wrote on Facebook.