March 20, 2023

Who is Jaskeert Kalkat Vancouver? Brothers Keepers gangster shot dead; Bio, Wiki, Age

Jaskeert Kalkat Vancouver Bio, Wiki

Jaskeert Kalkat from Vancouver has been identified as the 23-year-old man with gang affiliations who was killed on Thursday night’s May 13th in a brazen shooting at a busy shopping mall in Burnaby, B.C. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team said Jaskeert Kalkat was one of the three people struck by gunfire at the Market Crossing shopping complex. The other two, a man and a woman, survived but suffered what authorities described as severe injuries.

“It’s still early in the investigation but we believe all three were targeted in the shooting,” Sgt. Frank Jang said Friday. Sources said the murder is likely retaliation for the fatal shooting of United Nations gangster Karman Grewal, 28, at Vancouver International Airport on Sunday afternoon.

Jaskeert Kalkat Gang Affilliations

Kalkat was known to police and investigators believe his gang ties played a role in his murder. “Is this related to the Lower Mainland gang conflict?” Jang said. “The answer is yes, based on the information we have.”

Kalkat, who was born in 1998, was on probation at the time of his death, having been convicted last October of an assault in Surrey in June 2019. He was also convicted of a December 2017 assault in Vancouver.

Jaskeert Kalkat Shooting

The shots rang out shortly after 8:30 p.m. Thursday, May 13th in a public area littered with innocent bystanders – circumstances similar to several of the other recent shootings in the region, including another in Burnaby last weekend that left one person dead and an innocent man injured.

Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley acknowledged the violence has left many residents on edge, but said the city remains a “safe community.” “We will not tolerate this. This is not who we are as Canadians,” Hurley said. “This cycle of violence must end. Everyone needs the confidence of knowing they’re safe when they go shopping, visit a park or walk on our streets.”

The shooting appeared to have happened in the mall parking lot just outside the Cactus Club Cafe. Holly Clark, a server at the restaurant, described a chaotic scene that erupted after the shots rang out. “We just heard tables flipping and people screaming,” said Clark. “It was really scary. We all ducked and we didn’t know what to do. I thought I was going to get shot.”

Broken dishes shattered glass and toppled furniture were left on the patio in the aftermath. “You could see everybody on the patio jumping over the barrier here and just fleeing and hiding behind the rocks and stones and different trees,” said Amberlynn Hooge, who was inside the restaurant at the time.

Witness video taken at the scene shows officers in white forensic suits pulling an unresponsive man from a BMW littered with more than a dozen bullet holes.

They laid him on the ground in the parking lot and started doing CPR. Two other people were put onto stretchers and loaded into ambulances.

Jaskeert Kalkat Shooting was captured on Dash Cam Video

Dash cam video posted on social media captured what sounded like well over a dozen rounds. “You expect if there’s going to be a shooting there’s going to be a few shots,” Ron said. “This seemed very rapid.”

About half an hour after the shooting, police were called to reports of a white SUV burning in South Surrey. It was found on a dead-end road near 184 Street and 18th Avenue. Investigators believe the vehicle was involved in the shooting, and asked anyone who may have captured the getaway on dash cam video to contact police.

Jang said the fastest route from Market Crossing to the location where the vehicle was set ablaze is to head down Highway 91, turn onto Highway 99 and then head east on 16th Avenue.

“If you were driving along that route last night and you have dash cam video… we need you to check that footage and we need you to contact us right away,” Jang said. “It is crucial evidence and we need it.”

The gang war in the Lower Mainland has become increasingly brazen, with gangsters gunned down outside, toy stores, rec centres, and even Vancouver International Airport.

Public Safety Minister and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth met with leaders of policing agencies across the region Thursday to identify gaps in the system.

“Police said it’s not about resources so I also want to make sure there’s not any other areas we need to be focusing on,” he said.