March 20, 2023

Who is Deserai Crow? Jason Crow Wife; Bio, Wiki, Age, Education, Career, Net Worth, Children, Facebook

Deserai Crow Bio, Wiki

Deserai Anderson Crow is the wife of Jason Crow, one of the House Managers for President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. She is an outspoken advocate for her husband, standing by his side along the way.

Deserai Crow Career

Deserai teaches at the University of Colorado, focusing on environmental policy and community resilience, according to Jason’s bio.

A volunteer during their campaign by the name Laura said about Deserai and Jason: “As a woman, it is a strong indicator that he respects women when I see how openly he expresses his esteem for Deserai – his strong, intelligent, accomplished wife. As a mother of four, I also appreciate that he regularly involves his children in this campaign. All of these things together are the reasons why I will continue to work hard until Nov 6th to ensure Jason Crow wins this election. CD6 deserves to finally be well-represented in DC.”

Deserai Crow & Jason Crow

Jason Crow and his wife have been for more than a decade having celebrated their wedding in 2005. Back on November 18th, 2017, Crow wrote on Facebook, “Happy anniversary to my partner, Deserai Anderson Crow. Thank you for 12 wonderful years and the two best kiddos. Something tells me year 13 will be one to remember!”

Jason & Deserai decided together that he’d run for Congress because they were moved by what’s happening in the Country. Deserai played an active role in helping Jason Crow run for Congress, according to an interview with 5280. He said that the night of the election in 2018, both their phones started blowing up with news alerts and notifications, and they both found out at the same time that he had won.

Jason always refers to his decisions with “we” because of his wife’s involvement. He said in an interview with 5280 that he had to give up a job with Holland & Hart to run for Congress, and Deserai had to take on more of the domestic duties around the home while also working. After reviewing the effect on their lives, they decided jointly that he would run.

Deserai said that they like to say the whole family is in public service. “It’s cheesy but true.”

Deserai Crow Children

Jason and Deserai Anderson Crow have two young children. His bio reveals that their son and daughter “love Colorado’s outdoors and incredible communities.” Their children are Josephine, 6, and Anderson, 9. Jason said in a 5280 interview that his kids are “die-hard Broncos fans.”

Jason joked that when he took the oath of office, Josephine recited it with him and said, “Daddy, now that we’re members of Congress, when do we start voting?”

Jason wrote in 2018: “This week we celebrated our son’s 8th birthday. It makes me realize how being a parent has changed us in every way. We see this world through their eyes now. The things we do today will be theirs to deal with tomorrow. That’s why Deserai and I decided to start this campaign – for our kids and kids across our community who will inherit this world. Hope everyone had a great weekend!”

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