March 20, 2023

Jayden Fuller Upeer Coomera State College Student Cause of Death (Accident), Age & Parents

Jayden Fuller, an Upper Coomera State College student, died in a workplace accident on Wednesday, Oct 12. He was 16 years old at the time of his death. His family has described him as an amazing, incredibly funny young man.

Jayden Fuller Parents

Jayden leaves behind his mum, Laura and dad, Michael, and a twin sister, Emily Mcmullin. His twin sister has shared the news of her brother’s death on TikTok and some videos detailing the same. The sad news has left the family aggrieved, considering they have no other family in Australia.

Jayden Fuller School

Jayden Fuller was an Upper Coomera State College student established in 2003. It is a state school in the developing Coomera area in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Jayden Fuller GoFundMe

Kelly has set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds that will be used t cater for Jayden’s funeral expenses.

On the crowdfunding page, Kelly wrote, “Hi, my name is Kelly, and I’m trying to raise some much-needed funds for the funeral of Jayden, who was tragically killed in a freak work accident on 12th October.”

She went on to state that Jayden was a twin of Emily and was the son of Laura and Michael.

Emily describes him as a fun-loving person who always had a smile and liked to make jokes. He Loved his gaming and was just starting his working life. Laura has no other family in Australia, so it would be the biggest help if you could spare a few dollars to contribute to the funeral. She wants to arrange a Haka for him too.

“Thank you from Emily’s friend Jazmin who is 15 years old,” Emily concluded.