March 22, 2023

Who is Jeffrey Hall (Danny Schneider Jr. Killer) Bio,Wiki, Age, Family, Arrest, Charges, The Pharmacist, Now

Jeffrey Hall Biography

Jeffrey Hall is the man accused of killing Danny Schneider Jr. on April 13, 1999 in his pickup truck in the lower 9th ward, New Orleans during a drug deal. Danny’s story is highlighted in the Netflix true crime docuseries ‘The Pharmacist’, where his father talks about how he avenged his son’s murder and exposed the Opioid crisis.

Jeffrey Hall Age

Jeffrey is 36 years old, at the time he killed Danny Schneider Jr. he was 15 years old.

Jeffrey Hall Danny Schneider Jr. Murder

Danny was killed on April 13, 1999. He was shot in the head while sitting in his truck in the Lower 9th Ward. The authorities said that they suspected he was trying to buy crack from the crumpled bills in his hand.

Jeffrey said in The Pharmacist that he doesn’t feel good about the murder and at the time he was dealing with drugs and thought he was a big boy.

“I don’t feel good about [the murder]. I was just trying to get the heat off me. I just made up a story… I thought I had everything figured out. I was dealing drugs, and I thought I was a big boy.”

Danny’s parents didn’t know that he was using drugs and even when the police came to report that he was murdered they doubted as they believed that Danny had gone to a friend’s house that night to study. His father wrote in a public statement, Danny was a “polite, gentle and compassionate young man who delivered pizzas at night while studying drafting at Nunez Community College. He had a steady girlfriend – a smart and pretty junior at University of Southern Mississippi – whom he intended to marry. He had no criminal record and, as far as Schneider knew, had never stolen to support a drug habit.”

The New Orleans Police Department failed to make an arrest for Danny’s killer and his father decided to look for his son’s killer himself. Together with his family and friends, they canvassed the neighborhood where the crime occurred. They handed out fliers begging for help. They upped the Crimestoppers reward to $10,000.

Schneider began investigating the case himself despite a stern warning from the police. He prayed at local churches and spoke at Narcotics Anonymous meetings. He learned the names of neighborhood drug dealers and even approached a few for help.

He began mailing letters to every house within a half-mile radius of the murder scene. He called every listed telephone number in the area. Most people hung up. Others provided tidbits of information. He found a lead after he neared the end of his list.

The caller, identified as Shane Madding, revealed that she knew about the case and that she had witnessed the whole thing from her driveway. He named the killer as her best friend’s son, Jeffrey Hall who was 15 years at the time.

People realized that Schneider was speaking to Shane Madding and she started receiving threats, someone even slashed her tires and her bedroom windows were shattered. She fled with her four small children in tow, and stayed with her mother in the Lafitte public housing development. The Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office later placed her in witness protection.

Jeffrey Hall Arrest

Shane Madding provided a statement to the NOPD that led to the arrest of Jeffrey Hall’s arrest on May 14, 2000.

Jeffrey Hall Charges

Jeffrey was charged with manslaughter. In 2000 he plead guilty to the charges after striking a plea bargain with the state. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was released in 2013 after serving 13 of his 15-year prison sentence.

Jeffrey Hall The Pharmacist

“The Pharmacist” is a Netflix four-part true crime docu-series. The show focuses on a Louisiana pharmacist named Dan Schneider, who’s spurred into action after his 22-year-old son, Danny Jr. was shot to death while buying crack on April 14, 1999. He began his investigation after the police failed to investigate the case seriously enough. In 2001 he gave the police information that led to an arrest of his son’s killer. He began a quest to find those responsible for the opioid crisis and led to the take-down of notorious pill mill doctor Jacqueline Cleggett.

Jeffrey Hall Now

During the documentary, Jeffrey said that while in prison he finished school and studied data management.

“I took that time and tried to better myself… put it all into how it all could have been prevented, but it’s still an everyday struggle for me. I ask this of myself often: how can I move forward when I know that I did wrong?”