March 20, 2023
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Jessica Audrey (Steve Wallis’ Wife) Cause of Death; Wiki, Age, YouTube

Jessica Audrey, best known for being the wife of Canadian YouTuber Steve Wallis is being reported to have passed away as per a statement from Steve on his YouTube Channel. Jess died on August 20 but the statement by Steve was released on August 25, 2022.

Jessica and Wallis got engaged in 2016. He usually referred to her as “Beautiful Wife” although she never made an appearance in any videos. She was actively involved in Wallis’s work as she was the one responding to comments from their fans on the YouTube videos. Wallis has over a million subscribers on his channel and his wife played an integral role in growing it.

What did Steve Wallis say about his wife Jessica Audrey’s Death?

Steve Wallis released a Video on his Youtube Channel where he expressed his grief as he announced that his wife had died unexpectedly.

“Hi everybody. this is the hardest video I’ve ever had to film so I’m just gonna take my time to pour my heart a little bit here,” Steve said as he remorsefully shared his tribute.

He revealed that on Saturday, Aug 20, he and his wife went to bed but on Sunday, only he woke up. “It’s been an absolute shock for me and the people who knew her.”

Wallis went on to say that the only reason there’s camping with Steve at all is because of his wife Jess. “If I had never met her, I would still be living in a motor home trying to finish a documentary.” “They say that things like there was no one else like them when someone dies, but for Jess, she brought a smile to everybody’s face but for him, Jess was the real deal.”

Wallis further revealed that he was at the acreage but the two were planning to move out to an apartment, but they still hadn’t found an ideal place to move to. He revealed that he was worried that the acreage would be too many memories but it feels good out here. He said that he would continue staying there for a little while for the next couple of weeks.

Wallis looked really heartbroken as he said that he would take some time off his YouTube and filming. He revealed that his wife was the one replying to the comments of their fans on Steve’s Youtube Channel and she appreciated every positive comment that they received. For people wondering what they could do to commemorate Jess, Steve said that one can donate to their local food banks and homeless shelters since that’s what she liked to do.

Ashley Bishop wrote in a Tribute, “On Monday I learned of my best friend, Jessica Audrey’s passing. It’s hard to put into words what her love, support, and friendship have meant to me throughout the decade-plus we’ve been friends. She was truly a light in the world and will be forever missed. “