March 22, 2023

Who is Carly Wilson? Meghan King and Jim Edmonds’ Nanny; Bio, Wiki, Age, Education, Family, Boyfriend, Instagram, Alleged affair with Edmonds

Carly Wilson Bio, Wiki

Carly Wilson is a 22-year-old native of Yakima, Washington renown for being the former Meghan King and Jim Edmonds’ nanny. In October 2019, Meghan, 35, and Jim, 49, announced their divorce. Meghan then accused Jim of cheating on her with the family’s nanny.

Carly Wilson & Jim Edmonds Alleged Affair

In October 2019,  Meghan King accused Jim of cheating on her with the family’s nanny, Carly Wilson after announcing their divorce.

Meghan and Jim were married on October 2014. A year later, Meghan joined the cast of “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” Jim also occasionally appears in the show. The couple has a daughter who was born in November 2017 and twin boys, who were born in June 2018. Jim has two daughters from his first marriage to Lee Ann Horton and two children from his second marriage to Allison Jayne Raski.

In the wake of the rumors that Jim had cheated on Meghan, Meghan posted an Instagram selfie on October 26th in which she said she was “So raw.” When a follower responded with a comment saying, “Judging by Jim’s Instagram, I’m guessing it’s nanny Carly whom he posted NINE photos of 11 months ago. And she has deleted her IG. ?.” Meghan responded with a simple thumbs-up emoji. The user who posted the initial allegation responded by saying, “what a betrayal! And you blogged such wonderful things about her. ?.” There is no proof that Wilson and Jim had a romantic relationship.

Meghan and Jim’s divorce come just after the couple’s five-year wedding anniversary. In a statement to “The Daily Dish on October 24th, Meghan said that the pair were considering going to couple’s counseling. US Weekly reported two days later that Jim had filed for divorce. The gossip magazine noted the allegations that Jim had cheated with the family’s nanny. The report mentioned that the family had four nannies and a live-in au pair.” One of Edmonds’ family’s nannies is Meghan’s younger cousin, Bridget O’Toole.

As per a source to the US Weekly, “The nanny is someone who has worked for them for years and is like family. During the argument, Meghan called the cops, but nothing came of it. Jim didn’t put his hands on her. The police chalked it up to a verbal dispute. No arrests were made.”

Wilson has been featured in several Instagram posts with Meghan. She was featured in an Instagram post with Meghan and her children at a music festival in September 2018. Meghan said her family was better people because of Wilson at the time she was pregnant in 2018. Meghan said that Wilson “worked tirelessly” for the family. The blog post concluded with the words, “So Carly, here’s to you. You have stolen a piece of my heart and for you I am grateful.”

Carly Wilson Background

Carly Wilson has a blog about her life named Life With Carly J. In a since-deleted August 2018 article, Wilson wrote about how she came to nanny for the Edmonds family. Wilson said that she had been a cheerleader at Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington, in April 2017.

She grew up in the Mormon church but became lapsed between the ages of 16 and 20 before returning. Her closeness with Edmond’s family was reflected in an Instagram story post she made in June 2019. Wilson posted a video showing Hart Edmonds, then 13-months old, tapping his sippy cup against Wilson’s glass and taking a drink. The caption accompanying the video simply read, “Cheers!”

Wilson said that she could no longer keep up her gymnastic coaching job, for the 2017/18 school year due to her role on the cheerleading squad. She spent the summer desperately applying for jobs at grocery stores and fast-food restaurants.

Wilson then began babysitting for a friend of Meghan King Edmonds’. From there, Wilson then began babysitting for the Edmonds’ family. Eventually, Meghan asked Wilson to become their full-time travel and live-in nanny in St. Louis. Wilson wrote that among the reasons she took the job, quitting college and the cheerleading team, was because she fell in love with Aspen Edmonds. Wilson writes of her decision, “When it came down to it, this was an opportunity to move away from Washington/Idaho where I had spent my whole life. I couldn’t say no.”

Carly Wilson Returned to her Studies after Leaving the Edmonds Family

A profile from May 2019 reveals that Wilson says she no longer lives with the Edmonds family and that she is back studying at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis for a bachelor’s in Psychology and Public Relations. Wilson noted in the blog post that she is planning on nannying during her time in college.

A look at her LinkedIn page reads: ” I currently am working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a certificate in Public Relations. I love learning about the development and processes of the human mind. Then I seek to apply that knowledge to create interesting ways to interact with the community around me. I genuinely care for people, their interests, and accepting the challenge to adapt to the differing roles each person requires of me.”

Carly Wilson Boyfriend

cached version of that page reveals that Wilson is in a relationship with a man named Eric. The couple have been dating since August 2017 after they first met in church.

Carly Wilson with her boyfriend
Carly Wilson with her boyfriend

Carly Wilson Family

Wilson said in a question and answers blog that she is one of seven children. Wilson says she has five brothers and two sisters. Wilson says all of the siblings have the same parents that “they’re crazy.”

Carly Wilson Instagram

Carly Wilson has an active Instagram account but it has since been set to private in the wake of the allegations that Jim had an affair with the family’s nanny. In the bio for that page, Wilson says that she is a 22-year-old Mormon who lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

Carly Wilson Instagram
Carly Wilson Instagram