March 20, 2023

Who Is Jimmy Patton (Chuckle Brother) Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Brothers, Daughter, Net worth, Dead, Cause of Death

Jimmy Patton Biography – Jimmy Patton Wiki

Jimmy Patton was a British actor and comedian who is best known for his appearance on in the children’s television series ChuckleVision alongside his brothers. He was known as ‘No Slacking’ due to the catchphrase that he constantly had to relay to the Chuckle Brothers. He died on July 25, 2019 at the age of 87 after a long battle with cancer.

Jimmy joined the show business right after he left school. In 1946 he joined “Britain’s Dead End Kids” and performed in five pantomimes before Brian joined and teamed up with him. Together they got their big break in 1956 when they performed in an Aladdin pantomime as Chinese Policemen, a role that they have performed eight times since. Since then they have been in Ugly Sisters, Broker’s Men, Henchmen and Chief and Dame. They also appeared alongside many British pantomime favourites such as Barbara Windsor, Ronnie Corbett, the Chuckle Brothers and John Inman.

Jimmy Patton Age

Jimmy was 87 years old at the time of his death; he was born on August 20, 1931 in Kent, United Kingdom.

Jimmy Patton Brothers

Jimmy had three brothers; Brian Elliot, Barry Elliot and Paul Elliott are known as the Chuckle Brothers. His brother Barry died in August 2018 following a battle with a secret terminal heart condition.

Chuckle Brothers

Barry and Paul Elliot began their career as a comedy double act known as the Chuckle Brothers in 1954. The duo together with their older brothers Jimmy and Brian appeared in the children’s television series ChuckleVision. Jimmy is known as No Slacking due to the catchphrase that he constantly has to relay to the Chuckle Brothers and Brian is known as Get out of it!.
The show was one of the longest-running children’s programmes on the BBC continuing for 22 years from 1987 to 2009.

Jimmy Patton Net worth

Jimmy’s net worth is unknown.

Jimmy Patton Wife

In April 2017 Patton married his wife Amy Phillips who is 59 years younger than him. Patton proposed to her in September 2015 after he asked for her father’s permission first. The two met on Facebook as Amy had been a fan of his family show ‘ChuckleVision’.

Patton told The Sun; ‘Amy had been a fan of ChuckleVision all of her life and commented on something I posted. It just went from there. I never thought I would find this kind of love again.’

Amy’s mother Mary said that the age gap between the two didn’t bother them since Amy was happy and they were happy.

‘The age gap doesn’t bother them or us at all. It’s love- so it doesn’t matter. Amy is happy and so are we. We are delighted and very proud.’

Amy’s father John added; It was a local wedding which was nice, it was just a small gathering with family and friends. They did their vows in a lake side room then we had a meal, speeches and danced to a disco. It was a really happy day – it was quite emotional – Amy looked beautiful. We were very proud.’

Jimmy Patton First Wife

Jimmy was previously married to Valerie Patton until her death in 2012.

Jimmy Patton Children

Jimmy had one child; a daughter known as Debbie Patton from his first marriage to Valerie. Debbie wasn’t in support of his father marrying a person who was 59 years younger than him. At the time she said; “I’ve got a lot I could say, but I’m afraid it’s something between me and my dad.” She, however, added that she loved him no matter what.

Jimmy Patton Death

Jimmy Patton died on July 25, 2019. His death was confirmed on July 26, on a Facebook post on the official Chuckle Brothers page. The statement read;

“I just thought I’d let you know that the Chuckle Brothers older Brother Jimmy Patton has sadly passed away.immy was a big part of chucklevision and the stage shows where he played the character No Slacking. RIP Jim Lad. And No Slacking.”

His brother Paul in a statement to Metro he said; “I am devastated. So few words for the loss of another dearly beloved brother. ‘RIP Jimmy, love you, Paul.”

Jimmy Patton Cause of Death

Jimmy’s cause of death has not been revealed yet.