March 24, 2023
Missing Persons

John Canale from Mt Vernon Missing; His Age, Family, Description, Last Seen

John Canale from Mt Vernon

John Canale, a 33-year-old man from Mount Vernon has been reported missing as per statements from his family. He was last seen on Saturday night Feb 19 at 10:30 pm leaving his workplace at Mt Vernon and never reached home. Mount Vernon is a city in Westchester County, NY immediately to the north of the borough of the Bronx.

John Canale Description

Canale is described as 5 feet 10 inches tall with light brown hair. He is driving a Royal Blue 2009 Lexus ES license: KSV3624.

His brother shared a post on Facebook requesting help in rotating him. He wrote on the post, “Hello all, my family and I are asking your help if anyone has seen my brother, John Canale.” His brother went on to say that John was last seen leaving work in Mt. Vernon Saturday night at 10:30 pm and never came home, “My family is asking if anyone knows his whereabouts to contact me or my sisters.”

He went on to describe him as standing at around 5’10, 33 years old, with light brown hair. “Please, if anyone has seen him, reach out. We want to make sure he is safe and need him to come home. We would really appreciate it.”
Amy Vassallo requested clarification in a comment that reads, “Sending prayers to you and your family for his safe return. And sending you a big hug! Is that Mt. Vernon In NY? I’d like to share the post to spread the word… if that’s ok?” to which Patricia Canale responded, “Amy Vassallo yes, mount Vernon in NY,”

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