March 24, 2023

Who Is Juan Rodriguez (Father Who Left Twins In Car) Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Children, Arrest, Charges

Juan Rodriguez Biography

Juan Rodriguez is a 39-year-old man from Rockland County, New York who left his 1-year-old twins; daughter Mariza and son Phoenix in the back seat of his Honda Accord, which he parked at the James J. ­Peters VA Hospital in Kingsbridge where he works as a social worker on July 26, 2019. The babies were found dead and foaming at the mouths.

Juan Rodriguez Wife (Marissa Rodriguez)

Juan is married to Marissa Rodriguez- the mother of the twin babies.

Juan Rodriguez Children

Juan is a father of three children; a 4-year-old boy and the 1-year-old twins, Mariza Rodriguez and Phoenix Rodriguez. Juan had dropped off the 4-year-old at different daycare before forgetting the twins in the car.

Juan Rodriguez Twins

It is alleged that Juan left his twin 1-year-old babies in the back of his Honda Accord at 8 a.m. He returned to the car at 4 p.m. — and realized the babies were inside only after he had begun driving.

The police said that someone other than Juan called the police after they saw him screaming on the side of the road at Kingsbridge Terrace and Kingsbridge Road. When EMS arrived they found the babies were not breathing and their mouths had been covered in foam.

The children neighbours in the Rockland County hamlet of New City said they were shocked by the incident as the family had just celebrated the twins’ first birthday with a large backyard party.

One neighbour said that the babies parents were very good; “I’ve never seen them outside unattended. They are very good parents. They were July babies. It was just this month they had a big party — a bouncy house, the whole thing.”

Another neighbour expressed sympathy to Juan saying; “How do you live your life after something like this? He would never hurt his children. “He’s a very loving father … it’s beyond crazy. That’s a parent’s worst nightmare, it really is.”

Another neighbour who identified himself as Tony Caterino said; “This was just a horrible mistake. That one time you make a mistake and you have to live with it for the rest of your life. It’s just horrible. They were a great family. Always doing things with the kids, always in the yard playing. They had a big camp out last weekend with tents in the back yard. He would always play catch or basketball with his older kids.”

Juan Rodriguez Arrest

Juan was arrested on Friday after his twin babies were found dead at the back of his car. At the time he told the police that he had forgotten to drop the babies off ar their day car and didn’t realize they were still in the back seat when he parked at the Bronx hospital where he’s a social worker.

He told the police that he thought he had dropped off the kids at the daycare; “I assumed I dropped them off at daycare before I went to work. I blanked out! My babies are dead! I killed my babies!”

Juan Rodriguez Charges

On July 27, 2019 Juan was charged with two counts of manslaughter and two counts of criminally negligent homicide. He was released on a $100,000 bail.

Juan Rodriguez Indictment

On August 1, 2019 Juan appeared in Bronx criminal court for a brief hearing in which prosecutors told a judge that there had been “no grand jury action” taken at the time. His next court date was set to August 27.

Outside the courthouse his attorney, Joey Jackson said; “There’s a thorough investigation going on, and my client will waive his right to a speedy trial. We know and understand this was a horrific and terrible tragedy. They are completely crushed from this incident.”

He also added that further investigation will occur before the DA determines whether to prosecute.

“We are hopeful this will not be prosecuted but we know the district attorney will do her job. The only conclusion that we believe to be fair, sensible and reasonable is that this was a horrible, horrific accident.”

He also said that Rodriguez had nothing to hide and that he had corporated with the investigation since day one.

“Everyone should be mindful of the fact that Mr. Rodriguez has consented since day one … to a full search of his phone and his car. He has nothing to hide except misery and sorrow.”