March 24, 2023

Katie Kadan (The Voice) Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Music Career, Album, Instagram, Facebook

Katie Kadan Bio, Wiki

Katie Kadan is a 38-year-old Chicago native who is making headlines as one of The Voice Season 17 contestants. Katie who is a musician by her own right wowed the judges with her blind audition song of Aretha Franklin’s “Baby I Love You,” earning four chair turns, though Kelly Clarkson was blocked from going after Kadan by fellow coach Blake Shelton. She went on to chose John Legend to be her coach.

On Tuesday, December 17th, her fellow contestant Jake Hoot from Team Kelly was crowned the winner of the Voice with Ricky Duran coming in Second, Katie Kadan third and Rose Short finishing in fourth place.

Katie Kadan Career

According to Katie’s bio on The Voice’s official website, while she did sing in church as a child, she never had the confidence to sing her own. As she told the coaches during her blind audition, she felt like “a chubby chick living in a skinny girl’s world.”

“I was afraid to do it, I didn’t know how to get my start … [but] this is the only thing I’m really good at,” she tells local Chicago talk show the Jam TV Show, adding that a local open mic night thought she was so good at the first session that they told her to come back every week.

After turning 30th, she slowly began to overcome her shyness and accept her gift. “Now I’m OK,” she said in her auditions to The Voice. Since that fateful day when she performed live at the age of 30, Katie has been an up and coming blues/soul performer in the Chicago music scene. All you have to do is listen to her cover of Aretha Franklin to know that Katie has soul in spades.

According to her official website, her voice is called a “force of nature” and her sound is described as a “blues-infused style of soul-bearing belting” that showcases her “roots in the church” … “she can easily flip from R&B to gut-wrenching rock to songs of longing angst.”

Katie Kadan Self-Titled-Album

Prior to The Voice, Katie recorded a self-titled album that fans can check out on her website, Spotify and Apple Music. It features 11 original tracks, including some rousing numbers called “Got You to Blame,” “Dancing On the Floor” and “Take Me to the River.”

Katie Kadan is also a Pianist

She is also a classically trained pianist, much like one of her biggest influences, Carole King. Her piano teacher, Dennis Nuccio, tells the Chicago Tribune that he recognized her talent immediately.

“How can I forget her?” Nuccio tells the Tribune. “When she came to me she could already play, she played by ear mostly and improvised and hit the pocket really good. Some of those things you can’t learn with lessons.”

Katie Kadan The Voice

In her Blind Auditions to The Voice Season 17, Katie chose John Legend to be her coach. She went on to defeat fellow powerhouses Destiny Rayne on Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” in the Battle Rounds and Max Boyle in the Knockout Round (though Boyle was stolen by Clarkson and also advanced to the live shows).

On Tuesday, December 17th, Jake Hoot was crowned the season 17 champion. Carson Daly gathered the four remaining contestants on stage and broke down the voting results. He revealed that Rose Short finished in fourth place, and Katie Kadan finished in third.

The second place spot went out to Ricky Duran, which meant that Hoot was voted the season 17 winner by the viewers at home. Hoot and his coach Kelly Clarkson celebrated as the audience cheered them on, and the episode closed out.

Katie Kadan Family

A look at Katie’s official Facebook page says that family jams have always been a big part of her life and her cousins and sister have been a huge influence on her music.

“Her vision to expand her musical influence is shared with her two amazing cousins, Ray Bleth and Joshua Paul, and her amazing sister, Sarah Kadan,” reads the Facebook post. “Of course, she wanted them to be a part of sharing her art. Playing with them has been such a blessing for Katie.”

Katie Kadan Events

If you’re in Chicago, head on down to Mati’s Cafe and Lounge Monday (Nov. 11) to cheer Katie on at her official watch party.

Katie Kadan Instagram

Katie Kadan Facebook

Katie Kadan Twitter

She writes in her Twitter about: “Katie Kadan is Chicago’s newest soul singer-songwriter to arrive on the scene. Check out her new self titled Album!”