March 20, 2023

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Kayla Cromer Biography

Kayla Cromer is an American actress who is autistic and the first openly autistic actor to star as a regular in a TV series. She plays the role of Matilda on Freeform’s ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Okay.’

Kayla Cromer Age- How Old Is Kayla Cromer

Kayla’s age is not in the public domain but her character Matilda on ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Okay’ is 17 years old.

Kayla Cromer Parents

Kayla was born to Reno and Pam Cromer. She credits her parents for finding the right educational fit for her as a person on autistic spectrum.

“They sacrificed so much to afford my private education. I was raised not in wealth but with love. The steps they took to help me empowered me and taught me to be my own advocate.”

She added that her parents “literally pushed me into situations to prepare me for adulting.” For example, when her mom drove her to auditions in San Francisco, where parking spots are hard to find, Kayla would get out of the car and use her GPS to walk the rest of the way to her destination. “Sounds harsh, but it worked for me and prepared me for Los Angeles.”

Kayla Cromer Autistic

In March 2019 during the Freeform Summit press Cromer revealed that she was on the autism spectrum. She said the summit was an ideal place for her to speak about dealing with a hidden disability. “I have learned to trust the journey and this event is the perfect place for me to come out publicly for the first time that I’m actually on the autism spectrum.”

Her character on “Everything’s Gonna be Okay”, Matilda also struggles with autism which she said thinks helped her land the part despite self-submitting without an agent.

“I never thought I was even funny before playing Matilda, but my acting coach convinced me by saying, ‘Kayla, I think you’re capable of comedy because frankly, your quirks resemble those of Sheldon Cooper.’”

Cromer observed that stigmas attached to trans identities can be similar to those attached to disabilities, such as autism. “My goal is to become an advocate and help bring roles to the industry that are made for people with a difference. So many characters today are portrayed by people who do not have a difference and honestly people with a difference are fully capable of playing our own type.”

Kayla Cromer Everythings Gonna Be Alright

Kayla plays the role of 17-year-old Matilda who is Autistic. The comedy series begins when Darren who is the father of teenage sisters Matilda (Kayla Cromer) and Genevieve (Maeve Press) die from cancer and their Australian half-brother Nicholas (Josh Thomas) becomes the girls’ legal guardian.

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