March 22, 2023

Kourtnie O’Connor (Jim Edmonds and Meghan King Edmonds’ threesome partner) Bio, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Model, Property Management, Instagram

Kourtnie O’Connor Bio, Wiki

Kourtnie O’Connor is the woman who allegedly took part in a threesome with Jim Edmonds and wife Meghan King Edmonds. According to Pagesix, O’Connor, 35, is currently dating the 49-year-old former MLB star. Edmonds is in the process of divorcing his wife. Meghan and Jim officially separated in November after police were called over a heated argument during a custody exchange. They share three children: Aspen, 2, and 1-year-old twins Hart and Hayes.

Jim Edmonds and Kourtnie O'Connor
Jim Edmonds and Kourtnie O’Connor

Kourtnie O’Connor Age

She was born on October 5th, 1984 in Huntington Beach, California and is currently 35 years old.

Kourtnie O’Connor Career

O’Connor was a model before she turned into a luxury property manager. She was born in Sacramento, Calif., raised in Orange County, and attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Throughout her modeling career, she posed in racy swimsuits and lingerie for outlets like Playboy and has been featured in music videos for artists like Nickelback, Saliva and Hinder.

According to IMDb, O’Connor was Playboy’s “Cyber Girl of the Month” in 2007.  She previously defended her choice to pose nude, telling “The Nasty Show” that Playboy is “not porn.”

“It’s iconic, so I was flattered … and I just did it without thinking,” she said. She confessed to Rukus that she had something of a troubled past. “I have done so many crazy things, I wouldn’t know where to start,” she told the publication. “It would be hard to believe some of the crazy stuff I’ve done.”

The model — who said her favorite body part is her “butt” — shared that her mischievous ways began when she was just 14 years old.

“I remember getting caught by the cops for throwing eggs at cars,” she said. “I had ditched school that day with a friend and was escorted back to 7th grade in a cop car.”

The outlet also asked her what she looks for in a man, and she responded, “Nice skin, athletic and someone that is well educated on life. I need someone with a good sense of humor also.” She also said she is turned on by “successful men and good style.”

Kourtnie O’Connor Property Management

O’Connor may have moved on from her modeling career. She has worked for Agent Property Management and is now at Pinpoint Properties.

“Property Management has always been an interest of hers as she is passionate about taking care of her clients and their beautiful homes,” one of the companies said on its website. Meghan declined to comment for this story. O’Connor could not be reached for comment.

Meghan Edmonds Podcast

Meghan, 35, said on her “Intimate Knowledge” podcast on January 13th that she felt O’Connor — whose identity was protected at the time — “betrayed” her by going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with Jim for a wedding and not telling her about it.

“We’re getting divorced, but why couldn’t you have said to me as a friend — she’s a friend — why couldn’t she have said something to me?” Meghan said. The former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star revealed in the episode she and Jim had a sexual relationship with O’Connor.

Meghan claimed she “cast aside my uncomfortability [sic] with threesomes — everything that I had in my head about a threesome being weird and gross — because I was fun and I wanted to do things for my husband.”

A rep for Jim previously told us, “Jim is separated from his wife and getting a divorce; if he wants to go to Cabo with a friend, that is no one else’s business.”