March 22, 2023

Lauren Jean (American Idol Contestant) Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents, Brother, Family, Music, Facebook

Lauren Jean Bio, WIki

Lauren Jean Schroeder is a 16-year-old musician/singer-songwriter from the heart of the Ribble Valley in Lancashire in North West England but currently resides in Dayton area in Ohio, US. She is one of the contestants of American Idol Season 18.

Lauren Jean Parents

Lauren Jean — the Amy Winehouse obsessed daughter of Ria and musician Bob Schroeder of Celina — first tried out for “American Idol” during an open call in Columbus.  Her father, who works in sales for a laboratory, was a member of Blanchard Valley Bluegrass.

Lauren Jean Brother

Lauren has a 26-year-old older brother, Cory. He has been watching her do it her entire life as he lives with mitochondrial disease, a debilitating condition that causes several health issues.  “When I was young, I just watched how he was being so mistreated by other people and he couldn’t do anything,” Lauren Jean said “I knew I needed to fully commit to who I am.”

Lauren Jean Education

Lauren Jean says those skills helped her deal with the bullies she says drove her out of high school after her sophomore year (she is now homeschooled) and when she performed in front of the judges on this season of “American Idol.”

She attended a week-long program at Berklee College of Music in Boston and last year won Ohio Has Talent with a cover of “Somebody to Love” by Queen.

“It is where she is meant to be. From a very young age, she would have her little piano (performances).  And she wanted me to announce her,” Ria said. “She would come out and play, and she expected you to clap.”

Lauren Jean Music Career

Lauren has been playing the piano since the age of 6 and the guitar from the age of 10. Her quirky soulful voice along with her own original style makes her unique and easy to listen to. Lauren’s focus is on developing and releasing some of her own music in the near future.

Lauren Jean American Idol

Lauren Jean auditioned on American Idol Milwaukee, She wrote of the audition on Facebook

“Here’s a picture from my audition in Milwaukee, I was performing my original “HARMONY” for the judges (a song y’all have never heard, but maybe you will soon;)) anyways, I’m gonna be on this Sunday’s episode of American Idol during round 2 of Hollywood Week!!”

She says Katy Perry called her “freak show.” “She said ‘I like the freak show’,” Lauren Jean said of her audition held in Milwaukee.