March 22, 2023

Li Wenliang (Coronavirus Chinese Whistleblower Doctor) Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents, Wife, Child, Death & Cause

Li Wenliang is an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital who became a national hero and symbol of the Chinese government’s systemic failings in January 2020. Li had tried to warn his medical school classmates Dec. 30th about the existence of a contagious new virus that resembled the deadly severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

Li Wenliang was initially silenced by police for trying to share news about the new coronavirus long before Chinese health authorities disclosed its full threat. He is reported to have died on Thursday, February 6th, 2020 from the disease, his friends and colleagues said.

Li Wenliang Wuhan Central Hospital Doctor

Li Wenliang who was 34 years old sent out a warning in messaging app WeChat on Dec. 30th, warning fellow medical school grads to wear protective clothing to avoid infection after several patients from a seafood market exhibited symptoms similar to SARS.

Li was among the eight whistleblowers who tried to sound the alarm about the novel virus but was denounced by authorities for “rumor-mongering.” He was summoned to the Public Security Bureau to sign a letter in which he was accused of making “false comments” that had “severely disturbed the social order.”

The rapidly spreading virus has now killed more than 560 people and infected over 28,000.

Local authorities later apologized to the stricken physician, who described on the Weibo site how he began coughing on January 10th. He said he developed a fever the next day, was hospitalized two days later and was diagnosed on January 30th.

The full outlines of his story, which came to light in recent weeks as the Wuhan outbreak exploded into an international emergency, set off a swell of outrage in China, where citizens have long chafed at the government’s penchant for relentlessly snuffing out any speech deemed threatening to social stability.

Li Wenliang Wife – Li Wenliang Parents

Li’s pregnant wife is believed to also have contracted the disease, according to reports. He revealed that he lived with a pregnant wife and young child, and had quickly quarantined himself as soon as he suspected he was infected. His mother and father were now hospitalized for fever.

Li Wenliang Death & Cause (Coronavirus)

Li Wenliang died on Thursday, February 6th from the coronavirus. “We’re deeply saddened by the passing of Dr. Li Wenliang,” the World Health Organization said on Twitter. “We all need to celebrate work that he did on #2019nCoV,” it added, using the medical term for the disease.

Li began coughing Jan. 10th, as per his social media post. On Saturday, Feb. 1st,  three weeks after he checked himself into his hospital, he told his social media followers that he had finally been tested: He was indeed infected by the coronavirus.

As he spent his final days in Wuhan Central’s intensive-care unit, Li began publicly sharing how he sought to warn friends about the new virus, his ordeal with the police and his fight with the illness.