March 20, 2023

Steven Wetherbee ( Lia Marie Johnson Producer) Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Children, Instagram Live Groping Video, Instagram, Net Worth

Steven Wetherbee Bio, Wiki

Steven Wetherbee is a music producer and photographer renown for being the owner of Golden Track Recording Studio. He is also renown for being the actress and internet personality Lia Marie Johnson who posted a video of the pair making out and allegedly groping her on Instagram Live.

Steven Wetherbee Background

According to his profile Discogs, Steven Wetherbee is an engineer and producer of music and photography with the Golden Truck Studio in California. From the visible pictures on the internet, he mostly works with kids.

A look at his LinkedIn profile reads: “Music producer and photographer. Owner of Golden Track Recording Studio. Most recently produced and arranged music for the album that won Female Christian vocalist of the year. The album has 3 top ten charting songs. It also shoots with many of the industries top models and actors for their headshots and portfolios. Always looking for interesting projects to work on.[sic]”

Steven Wetherbee and Lia Marie Johnson Video

After a Livestream in the early morning hours on January 2nd, 2020 Lia started trending on Twitter as fans tweeted out their concern for her. In the Livestream, she allegedly can be seen kissing and being groped by a man who people are assuming is her producer, Steven Wetherbee after she appeared clearly under the influence. The lighting of the video is dark, so it’s hard to confirm who the man in the video is.

Steven Wetherbee is understood to be a producer who mostly works with younger women as seen in the following video. In one of her many videos [above] on his official Instagram page, Wetherbee is heard saying, “Okay, I am here today with Bella K, and we are in the recording studio, and we’re getting ready to record a cover tune of one of our favorite artists, and Bella K is gonna….” The video then cuts shot.

Lia Marie Johnson
Lia Marie Johnson

Many concerned fans and celebrities took to twitter calling for people to rescue Marie Johnson from what they termed as possible danger of sexual assault by Steven Wetherbee. Some said that the police should be called to do a wellness check, as she was clearly under the influence.

Even though Lia told her viewers not to call the police, in a livestream shortly after the first one, she says that the police did make an appearance at her house, where they briefly detained her.

“The cops showed up and detained me, put cuffs on my hands,” she said in the stream, according to Hollywood Life. “So, I would really appreciate it if everyone … stopped worrying so much. There’s no reason to worry, I’m okay. I just want to be left alone.”

Steven Wetherbee Golden Track Studios

Steven Wetherbee works at the Golden Track Recording Studio located in Escondido, California a company he founded. It is also credited as Golden Track; Golden Track Studios, San Diego, California. Contact Info: Phone: 619-252-8763; E-mail: [email protected]; Sites: goldentrackstudio.comMySpace.

“Our commitment to excellent sound quality and our competitive rates have consistently made us one of the top recordings, mixing, and mastering studios in San Diego,” Wetherbee says of the studio in his LinkedIn Profile.

Steven Wetherbee Instagram

An Instagram profile under the user wetherbeephoto but has since been deactivated had posts of him in a recording studio with a young girl”