March 24, 2023

Who are Lisa & Usman on 90 Day Fiancé; Bio, Wiki, Age, Marriage, Divorce, Instagram

Lisa and Usman Bio, Wiki

Lisa and Usman are stars of the hit reality series 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Season 4. The two were together for two years before the two finally met in person in Usman’s home country of Nigeria. The popular TLC spinoff airs on at 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. CST and follows eight couples as they attempt to find love in different corners of the world.

Lisa and Usman Age

Lisa is 52 and Usman is 30 years old which means the two have an age difference of 22 years

Lisa and Usman Real Names

Lisa’s real full name is Lisa Hamme while Usman’s is Usman Umar but also goes by the stage name SojaBoy. He has a popular musician and entertainer in Nigeria who has a sizable social media following and many female fans, which doesn’t sit well with Lisa.

Lisa and Usman Relationship

Lisa and Usman met through social media. Usman proposed to Lisa online, and although the two maintained a long-distance engagement before meeting one another, the reality stars were already dealing with some issues in their relationship regarding Lisa’s jealousy.

It’s unclear at this time if Lisa and Usman are still together. There are conflicting reports on the couple’s relationship, with Starcasm claiming that the two are married and still together today, while Screenrant claiming that Lisa and Usman were married, but are now divorced.

Were Lisa and Usman Married?

According to Starcasm, the two were definitely married last year on August 30th, 2019. Lisa initially posted photos that have since been deleted of the ceremony on Instagram. In one of the pictures, the newlyweds were seen holding up their marriage certificate (likely for Lisa to flaunt in front of Usman’s female fans), and another shows the two holding hands during the ceremony. You can check out the pictures here.

According to Reality TV World, Lisa “reportedly chose not to wear any makeup on her wedding day at Usman’s request, and Lisa changed her name to Usman’s mother’s name when she got married.” The wedding photos show Lisa donning a white lace wedding dress with a long veil, while Usman is decked out in traditional Nigerian wedding garb.

Usman also shared a screenshot of a text he received from Lisa in early December, which discusses her decision to convert to Islam when she married Usman. “Wasn’t for your mom or anyone in our lives, not even you,” she told her husband, according to Starcasm. “This was a decision that I made for myself.”

Did Lisa and Usman Divorce? 

Daily Soap Dish and Screenrant both claim the two have since divorced. According to the outlet, the couple married in Nigeria but split up sometime earlier in 2020 after Lisa changed her status to “single” on social media.

Lisa and Usman’s Instagram pages, however, seem to tell a different story. Her IG  is filled with photos, collages, and videos of the two together, and Usman’s page features several posts promoting their storyline on the show, so we have our doubts that the two are actually divorced. Whether or not they split up for a short time remains to be seen, but it appears Lisa and Usman are still together today, according to social media.

The Instagram page FraudedByTLC also shared a screenshot of Lisa confirming that she and Usman were still together back in February, so unless something drastic has changed since then, we stick by our original prediction that the two are still together today.