March 22, 2023

Who is Liza Valdez? Robert Williams Girlfriend; Bio, Wiki, Age, NYPD Shooting, Family, Background, Facebook

Liza Valdez Bio, Wiki

Liza T Valdez is the NYPD employed girlfriend of accused Bronx cop shooter Robert Williams. Williams, a paroled attempted murderer, was named as the suspect accused of trying to assassinate two New York City police officers as they sat in a marked police van on Saturday, February 8th, according to NBC New York.

Liza Valdez Age

She was born on 16th, February 1976 and is set to turn 44 in a few days’ time.

Liza Valdez Driving License
Liza Valdez Driving License

Liza Valdez Background

Liza Valdez is a probationary communications technician with the department, is being grilled by police in regard to her boyfriend’s alleged 12-hour rampage.

Robert Williams NYPD Shooting

Robert Williams allegedly opened fire inside the borough’s 41st Precinct station house around 8 a.m., wounding a lieutenant before he ran out of bullets and gave up with a whimper, sources and authorities said.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said in a press briefing that he is “confident” that Williams is also behind a Saturday-night ambush on two cops sitting in a parked department vehicle in the same neighborhood. Around 8:28 p.m. on February 8, a male approached the two officers sitting in the marked van. asking them for directions and pulling out a gun “without provocation,” said Shea.

Police believe the suspect asked for directions before suddenly opening fire and shooting at the police officers in the first incident. In that attack, a bullet struck one cop in the chin, narrowly missing his carotid artery.

Within 12 hours later, a second police officer was shot, inside the 41st Precinct stationhouse. NBC New York reported that, after shooting an officer, the suspect put the gun on the ground and surrendered. The second officer is in stable condition.

Liza Valdez Interviewed with Regard to the NYPD Shooting

Dermot Shea in the same press briefing confirmed that the department is interviewing a woman who was “present in the general area” of the 41st Precinct cop shop, but declined to reveal more. “We are speaking to a woman,” said Shea. “I would not describe her as a suspect.”

Robert Williams Criminal History

According to a press brief, Williams has a lengthy, violent criminal history. He was paroled in 2017 for an incident in which an individual in the Bronx was shot and a subsequent carjacking of a female ensued, and then a crash of a car where he engaged in a gunfight with members of the New York City police department. That was in 2012. He was convicted of attempted murder and paroled in 2017.

The New York Post, which is also now naming Williams as the suspect, reported that has a record including arrests for “homicide and gun possession,” and “just got out for a machine gun charge.”

Liza Valdez Facebook

A look at Liza Valdez Facebook shows that she has posted a lot of pictures with what looks like her family.

Liza Valdez Facebook
Liza Valdez Facebook
Liza Valdez Facebook
Liza Valdez Facebook