March 22, 2023

Who is Mark Epstein? Jeffrey Epstein Brother; Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Mark Epstein Bio, Wiki

Mark Epstein is renown for being the younger brother of Jeffrey Epstein’s younger brother. The pair grew up in Sea Gate, Brooklyn, as the only children of Seymour and Pauline Epstein. According to his LinkedIn page, since 1992 he has owned Ossa Properties and Dara Partners. Prior to that, Mark was the president of the Izmo Family of Companies.

Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in an apparent suicide by hanging on August 10th, 2019, while imprisoned at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in the New York City borough of Manhattan.

In July 2019. Mark offered his Florida home as collateral to help his brother make bail.

Mark Epstein Age

He is Currently 64 years old as of 2019

Mark Epstein Parents

He was born to Seymour and Pauline Epstein. Him and Jeffrey were the only children in the family.

Mark Epstein Background

Jeffrey’s company Maple Inc. was named after the street, Maple Avenue, where the Epstein brothers were raised. A July 2019 feature on the family by the Daily Beast describes Mark as being two years younger than his pedophile brother. Mark’s nickname as a child was Puggie, the article says.

The Daily Beast reports that the childhood neighbors “have only good things to say about the Epstein they still call Puggie.”  Mark once ran a “business silk-screening T-shirts” before going into real estate. His silk-screen business has been described as “one of the most versatile silk screening printing companies in New York.” The Daily Beast piece notes, “Maybe it would be unfair to read anything into him having also incorporated a business called Saint Model and Talent.”

Mark was a director at The Humpty Dumpty Institute. In August 2018, the Daily Caller reported that Democratic politicians Maxine Waters, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Adam Schiff sat on the board of the institute. The Humpty Dumpty Institute works with the United Nations in attempts to rebuild developing countries. The group was founded in 1988 by Constance Milstein. Mark is the institute’s vice chairman.

In June 2015, Mark hosted a “working dinner” for the Humpty Dumpty Institute’s “48th Congressional Delegation to the United Nations.” Among those in attendance were former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, as well as, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Corrine Brown, Paul Tonko and Mark Takano, all Democratic members of congress.

In April 2019, Mark led a congressional delegation including Republicans, Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA), Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD), Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX), Rep. Garrett Graves (R-LA), as well as Democrats, Rep. Alan Lowenthal and Independent Rep. Gregorio Sablan, to an event being held in Belgium. He was also present with a delegation from the institute that went to the United Arab Emirates in March 2019.

Mark Epstein Career

Mark Epstein he has owned Ossa Properties and Dara Partners according to since 1992 according to his LinkedIn page. Prior to that, he was the president of the Izmo Family of Companies. Mark graduated from both Stony Brook University and The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in 1976. A Cooper Union profile says that Mark is also the co-founder of a company named King Graphic Technologies, Inc., a producer of super large format digital outputting.

Epstein told Crain’s New York in July 2019 that there had been no recent business dealings between Ossa Properties and his brother’s companies.

An online profile, via the Daily Caller, says that Epstein opted to “semi-retire” at the age of 39 in order to devote his time to non-profit and charitable activities. Epstein had begun investing in New York real estate in 1990.

The Caller report says that Mark purchased a group of apartments that have been connected to his brother’s associates, including Maritza Vasquez, a bookkeeper for a modeling agency that Jeffrey had invested $1 million in. While Jeffrey’s attorney, Darren Indyke, used the building, located along East 66th Street in Manhattan, as his primary business address. Mark told Crain’s in July 2019 that his brother had used units in the building.

Mark Epstein said in 2015 that they had flown together with his Brother and President Trump

Mark testified in a 2015 deposition that he had flown on his brother’s private jet along with President Donald Trump. Mark said his brother and the president were “friends.” When asked why Trump was on that flight, Mark said, “You’ll have to ask Donald. I think he wanted a ride back to New York.”

Mark Epstein Listed as the Next of Kin in Jeffrey Epstein Will

Two days before he died, Jeffrey Epstein made sure his affairs were in order — signing a will that lays out where he’s putting $577 million, and who’s calling the shots. According to will obtained by the New York Post, Epstein signed it on August 8th, 2 days before his body was discovered at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center

The ex-hedge fund manager owned 2 islands worth tens of millions. As for who stands to inherit that massive fortune — there are no beneficiaries listed. However, he does list “next of kin” as his brother, Mark Epstein … but that doesn’t guarantee he’s inheriting anything. His executors are Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn, each of whom will get $250k for carrying out Epstein’s final wishes.

Jeffrey Epstein Death & Cause

On August 10th, 2019, ABC News reported that Jeffrey Epstein had died of suicide. He committed suicide overnight at MCC Manhattan, the federal lockup where he had been held pending trial on federal sex trafficking charges. He was 66-years-old.

Julia Macfarlane, ABC News foreign affairs reporter, wrote on Twitter on the morning of August 10th, 2019: “Breaking: Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide overnight at MCC Manhattan, the federal lockup where he had been held pending trial on federal sex trafficking charges, three law enforcement officials told @ABC News. Via @AaronKatersky.”