March 22, 2023

Who Is Martell Lane (Detroit Actor) Wiki, Bio, Age, Life Support, Death, Cause of Death

Martell Lane was Martell Lane was an American actor based in Detroit and also a contributor to 4Show Magazine. He appeared in the movies ‘2Eleven’ and ‘Five-0’. He died on July 16, 2019, after he was taken off of life support following a brain aneurysm.

Martell Lane Actor

According to IMDB Lane appeared in two movies “2Eleven” in 2015 and “Five-0” in 2016. He played the role of JP, a corrupt cop who is purely motivated by money in Five-0.

Martell Lane Girlfriend

Martel was in a relationship with Shay whose username on Instagram is shay-b- solo after his death Shay posted a photo of them both with a caption alleging that they had previously broken up but they had started seeing each other again.

Martell Lane Life Support

Martell was hospitalized on July 9th, after suffering a brain aneurysm and was in critical condition according to The Forum Magazine.

Martell also posted on Facebook asking people to pray for him.

Talaa Hill, his niece, posted on Facebook that he was on life support and that his mother was thinking of taken him off as the doctor’s said he would be paralyzed.

Martell Lane Death

Martell died on July 16, 2019, after he was taken off life support.

Martell Lane Cause of Death

Martell suffered a brain aneurysm which saw him put on life support. In a statement, Lane’s cousin said that Lane passed away after going into cardiac arrest while on life support. His cousin said that Lane’s family would “ever pulled the plug on him. We were giving him a fighting chance and he died fighting.”