March 22, 2023

Who Is Maygen Humphrey (Heidi Broussard Best Friend) Bio, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Baby, Arrest, Charges

Maygen Humphrey Biography

Maygen Humphrey also known as Magen Rose Fieramusca is a Texas woman who has been arrested in connection with the death of Heidi Broussard. She has been charged with kidnapping in connection with her death and also tampering with evidence, a human corpse.

Maygen Humphrey Wedding Planner

Maygen works as a wedding planner at the Enchanted Cypress Ballroom in Houston since January 2012, according to her LinkedIn page.

Her work has two positive reviews on The Knot. One person said, “I would highly recommend future brides to be to have their wedding at enchanted cypress where Maygen is happy to help you with anything especially on the day of the wedding. Thank you so much Maygen for saving my wedding day.”

Another person wrote; “I also got a wedding coordinator. Maygen was my coordinator from enchanted, and I thought she was there to just help me plan my night out, but she WENT OVER AND BEYOND. She was a TRUE WEDDING COORDINATOR.”

Maygen Humphrey Robbery Case

In 2018 Fiermusca was arrested after she was accused by manager at a Cash Express Store in Humble, Texas, of putting $5,000 in a purse. Her lawyer, Eric Devlin said the actions were captured on camera. She was however acquitted after the prosecutors couldn’t prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. She was bailed out by Christopher Green.

Maygen Humphrey Christopher Green

Maygen seems to be in a relationship with Christopher Green. In 2018 when she was arrested on robbery charges he bailed her out. A registry on The Bump website for Fieramusca said that she and Christopher Green were having a baby who was due on December 1.

Maygen Humphrey Heidi Broussard

Maygen and Heidi were best friends, in 2013 Heidi Broussard referred to Maygen Humphrey as her “best friend” in a Facebook post.

“Can’t wait to spend time with my best friend Maygen Humphrey tomorrow! Gonna look at options for my baby shower invites!”

Maygen has been arrested in connection with the death of Heidi Broussard. Heidi was found dead in the trunk of a car that was registered to Fieramusca.

Heidi Broussard and her 3 weeks old baby Margot Carey had been missing since December 12. According to Austin Police Department was last seen when she dropped off another child at an elementary school about 7:30 a.m. Police added that they believe Broussard returned home with her baby before they both disappeared.

Maygen Humphrey Arrest – Heidi Broussard Found

Maygen was arrested on Friday, December 20 after Heidi’s body was found in the trunk of a car that is registered to Fieramusca at a property in Houston, Texas, where Heidi’s baby Margot was found safe and alive inside. She is being held in county jail on kidnapping and corpse tampering charges.

It is alleged that Fieramusca had been pretending to be pregnant around the time of Broussard’s death and it is alleged that she had been plotting to take Margot Carey before the child had been born. According to KVUE Fieramusca was with Humphrey when she gave birth to Margot Casey in November 2019.

Maygen Humphrey Previous Charges

On December 20, 2019 Fieramusca appeared in court for multiple previous charges related to six traffic tickets from April 2018 including expired registration, no driver’s license on demand, driving while license invalid, failure to report change of address or name, expired driver’s license and no car insurance. She pled no contest to all six tickets and was found guilty. She was fined $50 each for four of her outstanding tickets and $175 for the remaining two.

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