March 22, 2023
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Nelson Branco Toronto Cause of Death; Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband, Soap

Nelson Branco who worked as a contributing editor/writer for Hell! in Canada is being reported to have passed away as per a statement released by his friend on Facebook on August 22. Nelson was a renowned journalist, writer, and editor in the soap opera industry and was a fan of the soap opera genre. He was friends with many of the actors and writers of daytime TV.

Nelson Branco Education

For his education as per his Linkedin, Nelson went to Ryerson University for a Bachelor’s Degree in Radio and Television Arts from 1993 to 1996.

Nelson Branco Career

From Aug 2006 until his death in 2022, Nelson was working as a contributing editor/writer for Hello! Canada. He previously worked for Postmedia Network Inc from Sep 2015 to June 2022. While there he held the role of Editor, 24 Hours covering Toronto & Vancouver. He went on to work as a National Video & Digital Lead for the Toronto Sun and Canoe but was let go due to layoffs during COVID for budgetary reasons.

The other positions he has held are as Contributing Writer for Close Magazine and Huffington Post AOL. While there, he wrote entertainment columns, and conducted interviews and inside reports on Hollywood’s biggest names.

Nelson also worked as an Entertainment Critic-Writer-ReporterEntertainment Critic-Writer-Reporter for Postmedia Network (Formally QMI) from Oct 2014 – Sep 2015.

Nelson Branco Husband

Nelson identified as gay and his Husband per his friend Shaun Proulx died of AIDS a long time ago. Shaun said that Nelson always spoke about him and his death left a big hole in his heart. He further wrote, “I believe there has been a sweet and beautiful reunion that has taken place, but meanwhile, here on Earth, life isn’t going to be the same without you, Nellie.”

Nelson Branco’s Death & cause

Nelson’s death was confirmed by his friend, Shaun Proulx in a long tribute on Facebook. He did not specify when he passed away but his post is dated, August 22, 2022.

“I am shocked and heartbroken to learn my pal Nelson Branco has passed away. I noticed his absence on Twitter, and an email last week to check in on him was never answered. I felt something was wrong,” Shaun wrote in his tribute.

“He was many things to me. He was a fellow rabid fan of the soap opera genre (he knew and was friends with many of the actors and writers and producers and fans of daytime TV.) We have spent hours analyzing The Young and the Restless together over the years; Nelson was wonderful to gossip with and share a smoke. He was also a gifted writer and editor, and we worked together many times over the years.

He was a champion of my work, and my editor during my ride as a columnist writing Spirit & The City (and other PostMedia pieces) and he called upon me to join Shinan Govani to tape video commentaries on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills most recently.

And I’ll always fondly remember our trip to Toronto Islands that one summer (that’s us heading there via water taxi in the pic below) where I introduced him to Snake Island, and where I followed his bad advice and ate too many weed gummies, passing out on the beach for three hours. When I came to he was waiting patiently for me by the water as dusk fell. My first words were, “Do I still have a column?” (I did.)

Nelson spoke his mind even when what he had to say was abrasive, but was very sensitive, exceptionally bright, and fast. He was a true Gemini – you were never sure what you’d get from him.”