March 20, 2023

Robert Kime Death; His Wife Helen Nicoll, Wiki, Age, Children & Net Worth

Robert Kime, a British interior designer, antique dealer, and founder of Robert Kime Ltd, is reported to have passed away per statements released on social media on Friday, August 19. Robert Kime Ltd is a company that deals with antique dealing, textile collecting and an abiding passion for putting rooms together.

Robert Kime Biography & Net Worth

Robert wrote in his biography that while studying Medieval History at Worcester College in Oxford, he found himself selling antiques to his professors and dons. He travelled every week to the surrounding towns buying furniture and accessories to sell out of his rooms in his college.

According to his biography, Robert had a lifelong interest in rugs and textiles and admired collect for the story they tell. The collections made robust appearances in his home. He also decorated several of England’s foremost houses with an air of natural permanence leading to his large stock of antique textiles dwindling. Robert started designing his fabrics in 1983, a practice he carried until he found his company, Robert Kime Ltd.

The Robert Kime company is based in Ebury Street, London and Marlborough, Wiltshire. It is currently under the leadership of Managing Director Orlando Atty, and embodies the broad and unique sensibility of Robert Kime.

Robert Kime Wife Helen Nicoll & Children

Robert Kime was married to Helen Nicoll, an English author of Children’s books, from 1970 until her death in 2012. She passed away back on September 30, 2012, at the age of 74 in Marlborough. She was known for the Meg and Mog series, and she wrote 17 books.

Robert and Nicoll celebrated their wedding in 1970, and the two had a son and a daughter together.

Robert Kime Cause of Death

Robert’s death was first confirmed on social media by Allison Caccoma Inc. Allison posted on Friday, August 19, “So saddened by the passing of Robert Kime]. What a quiet yet impactful force in our design world. He taught us that decorating means lived in, not forced or staged. I’d be happy to cuddle up in any of his interiors. I remember meeting him at @bunnys_eye office several times – so kind and gentle. Rest In Peace. You will be sorely missed.”

A cause of death for the legendary interior designer / antique dealer has not been revealed.