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Who Is Samantha Barbash (Ex Stripper) Bio, Wiki, Age, Book, Hustle Movie, Jennifer Lopez Character

Samantha Barbash Biography

Samantha Barbash is an ex-stripper who was the brains behind a plot that involved slipping MDMA and ketamine into the drinks of Wall Street bankers before stripping them off their money. She is allegedly the stripper portrayed by Jennifer Lopez in the upcoming movie ‘Hustlers’, which is based on a group of exotic dancers who seek revenge on their clients.

Samantha Barbash Age

Samantha is 45 years old as of 2019.

Samantha Barbash Book

Samantha has an upcoming book titled ‘Underscore’, which details her work with clients including rappers, movie stars, Fortune 500 CEOs, a billionaire heading one of the biggest institutions in the US, and an owner of a global hotel chain.

Page Six published an excerpt of the book which reads; “My clients were mostly VIP clients at Scores and Hustler . . . My job was to provide the fun parts, such as the girls and setting the vibe . . . I would arrange for the hottest girls to come to parties. These girls made top dollar and had to have perfect bodies with beautiful faces to match. Then came the ‘fluffers’. These were the lower tier of girls who would do the ‘dirty work.’ Sometimes their tasks would include an array of sexual activity . . . These parties always came with huge payouts for me and the girls.”

She also reveals in the book that she became friends with one of a ‘well-known R&B singer who had a volatile reputation’; “There was one night at Hustler where a well-known R&B singer who had a volatile reputation was partying all night in a private room. He wanted to continue the party in his hotel room, so he requested the host to invite all of us to come over. He said he would pay each girl an extra $8K.

When we arrived at his five-star hotel suite, his security promptly took all of our phones and made us sign nondisclosure forms. They wanted to make sure that none of the wild partying, which included a lot of drugs, would be leaked to the media.

He was so paranoid that there was no sex involved. Even the fluffers did not need to do anything. All he wanted to do was dance with the girls and do mounds of cocaine with all the naked bodies surrounding him. After an hour and a half . . . he started acting beyond strange, and kept looking out the windows and under the doors constantly from the paranoia of all the drugs he ingested. Once he saw that I was leaving, he said, ‘Please don’t go. I’m sorry. I’m f - - ked up. I like your company.’ He handed me a huge tip and his personal phone number and we’ve been friends ever since.”

She also details another strip club night with a Wall Street client from Pennsylvania, “[He] and I left around 5 a.m., after he spent about $115,000. This wasn’t a big deal because it was considered a small amount of money. The usual top girls I worked with came along. Ariana, Hana and I got into a luxury SUV supplied by the club and went to Christian Louboutin on Horatio Street.

I called ahead and asked them to open the store for me around 6 a.m. The manager . . . said he would open the store, but we would have to spend a minimum of $30K. I told him, ‘Easy, no problem!’ and that we would most likely spend close to $80K. We spent almost exactly [that] amount in less than an hour. We all got an insane amount of shoes and purses! It was every girl’s dream.

The Pennsylvania client didn’t care about the money and loved the way we shopped so much that he said, ‘Let’s do it again tomorrow!’ The next day we picked him up from the Wall Street power player restaurant, Smith and Wollensky . . . and went straight to the high-end jewelry store Tourneau, where he bought two Rolex Presidential watches for me.”

Samantha Barbash Hustlers Movie – Samantha Barbash Story

The Hustler movie is based on a real-life event that happened over a four-month period in 2013, when a cunning quartet of exotic dancers and other strip club workers stole at least $200,000 from four affluent men. The duped dudes included a banker, doctor, real estate lawyer and hedge fund manager.

The women wore skimpy clothing and went “fishing” for men — ones wearing expensive suits and wedding rings. One of the women, Karina Pascucci, then a 26-year-old brunette, flirted with the men and told them she was a nursing major. She invited them out for drinks on the town, where she’d meet up with Barbash and the other women.

Barbash often took the men to RoadHouse NYC in Flushing or to Scores in Chelsea, where the women would arrange for a private room.

The women would sprinkle MDMA or ketamine into the men’s drinks, causing some of them to black out. They would then ran up thousands of dollars on the guys’ credit cards while they were drugged up, forging their signatures to buy bottles of champagne and expensive tequila — and tipping club workers generously.

According to the New York Post Barbash claims that the movie is based on a lie. She alleged that the magazine that inspired the flick is “bogus” and said she plans to write her own book about the con.

“They’re going off a false story. I was not a stripper. Everything — where [J-Lo] is going on poles and stuff — that’s not me.”

Samantha Barbash Considering a Lawsuit against the Movie

The New York Post alleges that Samantha might pursue a lawsuit; “This is a living nightmare, so now I’m going to have to do a lawsuit. I’m getting a gag order.”

Her lawyer Bruno Gioffre, added, “She is considering all legal avenues with the possibility injunctive relief, including a lawsuit.”

Page Six reported that Barbash is considering a lawsuit over the movie. Her lawyer, Bruno Gioffre, said, “The movie is based on court records from the trial and a New York magazine interview of one of the co-defendants in the case against dancers at Scores. Although Samantha wasn’t a dancer at that time, we believe the movie and Jennifer Lopez’s character is based on her. We plan on seeing the movie before deciding on what steps to take.”

She said she want to sue as the production company STX Entertainment and JLo asked for her permission and yet they are benefiting from it and that they are misrepresenting her as she was never a stripper.

“We’re putting a stop to it because she’s actually misrepresenting me. I was never a stripper. “It’s defamation of character. It’s my story she’s making money off of if she wants to play me, then she should have gotten the real story.”

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