March 22, 2023

Who is Walter Dominguez? Shelley Morrison Husband; Bio, Wiki, Age, Film Maker, Children, Net Worth, Twitter

Walter Dominguez Bio, Wiki

Walter Domínguez is a Mexican-American born, Walter Robert Dominguez who is renown for being the wife to American theater and television actress Shelley Morrison (born Rachel Mitrani, also known as Rachel Domínguez). Morrison died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on December 1st, 2019, as the result of heart failure. She was 83 years old.

Walter Dominguez Age

Walter Dominguez was born on July 18, 1947, in Santa Paula, California, USA. He is currently 72 years old as of 2019. His wife, Morrison was 11 years her junior, “but he’s an old soul,” She sats.

Walter Dominguez Career

He is an assistant director and director, known for Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery (2014), Bonnie’s Kids (1972) and Devil Times Five (1974) according to IMDB.

In the extraordinary documentary “Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery.” As a young man, Dominguez was inspired by his grandfather, Emilio, known as “Tata,” who was one of the most prominent and beloved Mexican Methodist ministers in idyllic Santa Paula in rural Southern California. A community leader who was known for his generous heart and kind spirit, Tata died in 1973. Three decades later, with the generation that knew Tata best quickly dying away, Dominguez picked up his camera to uncover the long-hidden secrets of Tata’s earliest years.

As per the documentary, He took eleven years to trace the scant clues of Tata’s past, through the border town of El Paso, to the rural mountains of turn-of-the-century Mexico. It turns out that his grandpa, Tata was part of the Mexican revolutionary movement, fighting alongside some of Mexico’s most courageous citizen warriors in an effort to oust the hated dictator Porfirio Díaz.

Walter Dominguez & Shelley Morrison

Walter Dominguez & Shelley Morrison celebrated their wedding on August 11th, 1973 and had been together for 46 years, until her death on December 1st, 2019.  They resided in a three-story apartment in Los Angeles – the same apartment in which her father had settled the family five decades earlier.

Morrison and Dominguez adopted three sons and three daughters (adopted through a traditional Native American ceremony). They also have two dogs, a chow-collie mix named Katie and a Skye terrier mix named Charlie.

Walter was an active partner in his wife’s healing when she underwent lumpectomy for breast cancer and was diagnosed with lung cancer forcing her to remove the upper third of her right lung. “He’s the most caring person I’ve ever known,” she says. “He’s so affectionate, which is a biggie when you’re going through something like cancer.”

Such great support at work and at home made it easier for Morrison to fight through her toughest times. “Every day is a new opportunity,” she says, determined to enjoy life to the fullest. “This is a tough journey to go through. You need to smile as much as possible to make it a bit easier.”

Who is Shelley Morrison

Shelley Morrison (birth name: Rachel Mitrani, also known as Rachel Domínguez) was born on October 26th, 1936  and died on December 1st, 2019. She was the only daughter of Sephardic Jewish parents, originally surnamed Mitrani. She was raised in the Bronx, New York, and her first language was Spanish. Her father, Maurice Morris, was a clothing manufacturer. Morrison moved to California with her parents in 1946.

Morrison was an American theater and television actress. Her most recognizable role was as maid Rosario Salazar in the NBC comedy television series Will & Grace, which she played from 1999 to 2006. She was also a regular performer on the sitcom The Flying Nun, playing Sister Sixto, a nun known mostly for mangling the English language; and had a recurring role in the soap opera General Hospital in 1982.

Morrison underwent a lumpectomy for breast cancer in 1988, followed by a full mastectomy when cancer recurred in 1998. She had lung cancer and underwent surgery to remove the upper third of her right lung. Morrison’s lung cancer went into remission, but her breast cancer returned after the treatment in 1988 and 1998.

Morrison died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on December 1st, 2019, as the result of heart failure. She was 83 years old.

Walter Dominguez Twitter

On his Twitter bio, he writes he is a “Documentary filmmaker. Born and raised in Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley of California. Living in the City of the Angels. Married to a great lady.”