March 24, 2023
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Who is Realtor Mari Juliette Married to? His Husband Stephen Albertine Age & Son

Stephen Albertine

Stephen Albertine from Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the husband of Mari Juliette, a Real estate broker at Mari Juliette Real Estate and Medical Device Sales Representative at Dynasplint Systems, Inc. Stephen Studied at Syracuse University College of Law class of 2013. He also studied at Tufts University.

Stephen Albertine Age

He should be in his mid-20s. He should be the same age or almost the same age as Mari Juliette who is currently 26 years old in 2022.

When did the two tie the Knot?

Stephen Albertine and his wife, Mari Juliette Obstbaum celebrated their marriage on October 6, 2019, as per a Facebook post on Mari’s Facebook account. She wrote on the post, “Stephen and I have always wanted to skip the big wedding and elope, so we got married in a waterfall yesterday ❤️ ‘Twas perfect ?” The two went to the Cardinal Gibbons High School and it seems that’s where they first met.
Mari previosly worked as a Realtor at Campbell & Rosemurgy Real Estat from Oct 2017 to around 2020 as per her Linkedin. The South Florida while working utilizes her undeniable persistence to make sure that she found a perfect opportunity for top dollar.
She previosly worked as Diagnostic Imaging Sales Representative in Fort Lauderdale Fl from Oct 2017 to March 2018. She has also worked for Dynasplint Systems as an Orthopedic and Neurological Device Sales rep, Benasource Rx Consulting Services still as a pharmaceutical Sales Representative, and EuroAmerican IP, LLC as a Wound Care Sales Rep.
Mari is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Communication, General, and Political Science. While there, she was part of a Diplomacy Program 2016, National Model of United Nations. She went to Cardinal Gibbons from 2008 to 2011.

Do they have Children?

Stephen and his wife Mari have a child name, Landy Kai.  Mari has filled her Facebook page with photos of her adorable baby boy. Their boy was born in Feb 2020, based on photos posted by Mari on her Facebook.

Stephen Albertine Football

Stephen Albertine was a football player while in Tufts and played as a Defensive End and Left Back. He stands at 6.0″ and at the time weighed 200lbs.

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